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It's probably all Bush's fault. Maybe obama can give LT a presidential pardon if he is convicted.

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I am really confused by this issue. Any sane person could see from the start that this would be a disaster, but obama still has an approval rating in the low 40% range.

I can see that people of his race will support him from a racial pride viewpoint I can see where people who want to live on walfare will support him. I can see where the misguided few who actually believe that communism works or a country shouldn't have secure borders will support him. These groups couldn't total more than 20-30% of the voters. Who are the other 10-20% who support him? Are they stupid, are they dumb?? Well, yes they are.

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How funny. She may even be right, but does she really think another countries tax rates is something she has any business in?

Democrats push raising taxes at home with a passion that exceeds their passion for anything else in life, so I guess she is just branching out in advance of the new world order, where her party runs the world.

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My apologies, let me restate my point. There are no civilized countries in africa and Israel is the only civilized Asian country that borders africa. You know georgaphy, but do you cormprehend the point? I suspect not, I also suspect that your are a leftist.

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Israel is the only civilized country on the african continent. All they ask is to be allowed to exist and to be left alone. Even at that, the U.S. liberals and the european fruitcakes still support the muslim terrorist in their attacks on Isreal. Is everyone insane?

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The thing missing in all these stories is the cost to the American tax payer. The IMF is suppling a big part of this bail out. What is not said is that the U.S. provides almost 20% of the funding to the IMF. One story indicates that the total cost of the bailout will be $1 trillion. Each story about this bail out shows different nos. so nobody knows what the real total will be - but for this comment, let's go with the $1 T figure. About half of this comes from the IMF, of which almost 20% comes from the U.S. Bottom line - the U.S. tax payer will be on the hook for $100 B for this bailout. The end of the U.S. economy is near.