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Oh Boy now he'll fly out of Libya on the next flight because Hillary wants him to step down and leave the country!

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Why didn't they just send it UPS or FedEx? They ship all kinds of stuff. If you want to send a sex toy in the mail do not put the batteries in the thing and this can not happen! I wonder did they repackage it and then send it on?

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Hey it is just a bunch of fish they don't feel anything they just swim around and eat crappy stuff and output crap! So what if they have a magnet in them they don't even know it!

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Mostly because there are a lot of stupid people that have the ability to use the internet and they put stupid stuff on there at such websites! So they deserve whatever happens to them!

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Wow man you have a negative 101 from past comments and so far your most recent has 467 negatives! Are you trying to set some sort of record by being the most stupid commenter, or someone that is so out of touch with others in this country?

Yes I hope they do spend a lot of time repealing or at the least defunding what over half the country does not like, it was stated over and over for them not to pass this bill but at about midnight on Christmas Eve they went ahead and did what most of the country did not want! 1.3 trillion dollars just for this bill, wonder why people are mad?

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The good thing is that they will spend that money or invest it somewhere, the bad thing is that not much is produced in the United States anymore and as far as investing in the United States that could be unprofitable, so the money will stay in Asia while progressives try to make us more like Europe (which is failing) and we will also.

It is time for a change to back where we were about ten to thirty years ago!

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They need those new back scatter machines like you have to go through at the airport! Then they could say to the guy in the burka hey you have something suspicious, now we gotta pat you down!

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However this wolf had no teeth or claws! Thus he was dispatched to hell rather quickly!

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There is an exception to dying as a martyr if you are dressed as a woman and are a man and get killed you end up getting beat by sluts that are very ugly for eternity!

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Probably couldn't see to aim very well wearing a veil and all that over sized tablecloth for a head to foot dress!