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I've just watched this episode (right after my last comment on the last episode as I decided it was better to get this one over with) and I think what really got to me this time was the silence. The music's usually so beautiful but taking it away leaves you with this starkness that really accentuates how bleak everything is. There are moments when they were waiting for something to happen when I'm pretty sure I was holding my breath too.

I'm sure everything has already been said about Roe and Shane Taylor already (not reading the comments first as I wanted to keep things fresh in my mind) but damn he's brilliant. I'm surprised I haven't seen him in anything else as well as he's excellent and clearly deserves to have a big career.

Other than his pain what really stands out for me though is Buck, who's clearly fraying quite dramatically and it breaks my heart. Bs pbhefr abj V xabj whfg ubj onq guvatf ner tbvat gb trg sbe uvz guvf vf jura vg orpbzrf ernyyl nccnerag. Looking back on the last episode and his slightly odd behaviour then makes me wonder if he heard from his girlfriend then or if he was already starting to fray mentally by then.

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I just got round to watching this episode and considering whether to watch the next one now (gb trg gur cnva bire jvgu) or later so I thought I'd comment here, even though I'm pretty sure that anything important has already been said. I do want to say that the scenes in Paris really brought out Damian Lewis' acting skills yet again. It's amazing how much he can portray with so little, like in the early scenes with the other senior officers where you can see his annoyance with just the twitches of his face. Winters doesn't show much on the surface, especially when it comes to those kind of emotions, so it fits perfectly. It's not very flashy acting but it's brilliant because of that.

I'm also a big fan of the lighter scenes earlier on with Nixon, of course as the episode goes on you just know those were brought in to give you something to hang onto before the dread sets in. V'z cerggl fher gung'f gur ynfg ovg bs yvtugarff orsber Onfgbtar naq rirelguvat tbvat gb fuvg.

Fbzrubj, xabjvat jung'f pbzvat znxrf guvf rcvfbqr zhpu zber qvfgerffvat guna V pna erzrzore vg orvat orsber V'q jngpurq gur jubyr frevrf. V qvqa'g xabj nobhg Onfgbtar tbvat va fb V jnf va ab jnl cercnerq sbe ubj greevoyr vg jbhyq or nfvqr sebz gur sberfunqbjvat va guvf rcvfbqr. Xabjvat jung'f pbzvat nyfb zrnag gung Ohpx va guvf rcvfbqr oebxr zl urneg. Whfg sebz gung gval fprar lbh pna frr ubj zhpu ur'f senlvat nyernql.

On this watch Roe also stands out a lot more to me. He's such a quiet presence, fb sne ng yrnfg, that seeing him yell at Winters for making a mistake makes you take more notice.

Ummm, what else. The accents of the british soldiers always seem fake to me. Then I remember that once upon a time people did actually speak like that. It just seems jarring though as I got so used to the american accents all over the place. It's kind of funny when you get scenes with the british actors who are pretending to be american talking to them.

Last and most important thing is that I would really like to thank whoever came up with that scene with Winters bathing. Bless that person. In fact it's so good that I had to make a gif, cnegyl gb qvfgenpg zlfrys sebz gur vzcraqvat rzbgvbany cnva vs V qb qrpvqr gb jngpu gur arkg rcvfbqr abj. Enjoy.

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I don't think he's particularly great at accents anyway, whatever he's in he always sounds at least a little bit scottish to me. I think scottish accents are harder to cover up than english ones, same goes for irish accents. I think most english actors get used to sounding american as there's more acting work there than there is here.

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V'z abg fher jura V jngpurq vg abj ohg V guvax vg jnf qrsvavgryl gbb rneyl gb or jngpuvat fbzrguvat yvxr rcvfbqr avar nf jryy. Bs pbhefr vg fgvyy uvgf lbh cerggl uneq naljnl nf vg'f fb uneebjvat. V'ir bayl tbg hc gb guvf rcvfbqr va zl erjngpu fb sne naq V'z abg ybbxvat sbejneq gb qrnyvat jvgu gung bar ntnva. V guvax n ybg bs pubpbyngr jvyy or arrqrq jura V trg gung sne :).

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The man on the bike is the best. Makes me feel oddly patriotic somehow *wipes away single tear*. Plus of course in that scene they had to have a phone box as it's compulsory if you have something in england. I'm guessing in those days they were less likely to have broken windows and smell faintly of piss than they do nowadays.

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I know Scott Grimes (had to correct myself then as I initially typed 'Scott Morris' as Morris was his character's name) from ER myself, which he was great in. It is pretty amazing how many of the actors went on to be so well known. Even amongst the others who are less well known there's still people like Dexter Fletcher (who plays Martin), who's been in a huge amount of things and is generally great.

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I definitely agree with you about David Schwimmer. In the scene where he gets sent away from Easy Company I do feel for him a little bit and I think that's mainly down to his acting. It would be so easy to make him into a caricature but he makes Sobel seem more like a rounded person.

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I only spotted Fassbender this time as well. Isn't there one bit iwhen they're watching a film where it pans over and Andrew Scott's sitting right next to him? I might be imagining things but it does look like him. Gurer'f qrsvavgryl zber bs uvz yngre.

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I'm remembering while watching this how much I enjoy looking at his face. He's so excellent generally, especially with the tiny bits of physical acting you see which really make the character.

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DAMN THE MUSIC. It gets to a point where even the opening credits get me emotional as the music's so beautiful.