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Nobody listens to you anymore Roger ,save for your little posse that follows you around, Bye Bye

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Tabloid Breitbart is announcing to the world,,,I am under no circumstances going to provide our subscribers with any real news. We will do our very best to keep you amused with our cutie pie he said she said tripe. We at Breitbart have been instructed to under no circumstances alert our readers to the real crimes and issues that are shaping our country . Our mission is to elevate the fake battle lines between the fake 2 party system. The list of non stories grow daily so I hope that explains our huge drop in reader traffic, I mean seriously folks, there are just fewer and fewer red meat stories out there that don't impugn the democrats as well as the republicans. We promise never to mention S.B. 1867, we don't want to draw attention to the biggest story to come out of D.C. , a veritable declaration of war against U.S.citizens ! We are working overtime to figure out how to spin it, and if that fails we will just ignore it. We have spent a great deal of time and effort maintaining the illusion that the sold out fake statist Gingrich, Romney camp represents a true alternative to the fake ,contrived sold out Democrat , Obama crew. Our mission here at Breitbart is simple. Lie, distort, spin, omit, create straw men, create false divisions, maintain the crumbling empire until the globalist banksters have completed their mission of gutting our country , Yeah we are sellouts , yes we are traitors, and yes everyone who is paying attention knows it. The line in the sand has been drawn by 93 traitorous Senators, we here at Breitbart are in collusion with them. The jig is up, everybody knows, we have chosen to join forces with the enemies of freedom.

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Rogers IP address was traced back to a closet in Andy's basement

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For a while I was partial to Roger , but lately I have really taken a shine to HoR disTemperor.

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Truth is treason in an age of lies

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Ron Paul is like the warrior who has lashed his ankle to a stake driven in the ground and stands immovable against his attackers. He has counted the cost and knows that this is his battle to win if he stands his ground, Newt is like the evil little shaman who Counts his coup by putting to death his own people accusing them of witchcraft. Romney is the silent traitor who is waiting to see which way the battle goes before he declares his allegiance. I know where I stand . It's not the safest place to stand , but it sure does feel good!

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Take care Chuck, you're not interesting enough to mess with.

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I agree with you 100%

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I'd say go back to sleep,but you have never woken up. You are an example of the frightened sheep that bleats all day but says nothing.

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Most here don't care or agree with Graham and McCain.