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The imperial mindset seems like it will never recede. Declaring a bit of Scotland "sovereign", hmmm, seems to fly in the face of self-determination - or does that basic idea of legitimate govt just not seem as important compared to Birtains pretense at empire? Fyi, submarines can launch from lots of places and cruise undetected to their patrol areas - they have very, very long ranges. Trident missiles are ICBMs which can be launched from anywhere (hence "intercontinental" in the name) and reach a top speed of 13,000 mph. So, someone please tell me why this "deterrent" (to what I'm not sure) cannot be based elsewhere? This whole line of reasoning makes my BS detector hit 11.

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Don't you dare try and claim patriotism against me while you flack for another country - who do you think you are? Israel is not the U.S. Repeat after me: Israel is not the U.S. Repeat after me: Israel is not the U.S.

As for your threats, many patriots like me would oppose going to war over Israel - are you familiar with the liberty movement? You call yourself a patriot, yet you want to spend our lives and treasure on a country that we have no moral obligation or strategic reason to protect. You are a traitor to your own country because you believe the lies that were pumped into you long ago. Do you remember what our founders said about "entangling alliances"? Do you realize how un-American supporting a country half way around the world is? How provocative? Wake up.

I don't claim we don't have big problems with Muslims. I claim defending Israel is not something the U.S. should do. Big difference, you thuggish nitwit. You have nowhere near as much support as you think as the truth about Israels crimes becomes more and more well known. And everything I said above is true - you can't contravene a bit of it.

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I just read your stupid interview - which had nothing to do with the article above - and the litany of lies it presented up front about Jews always living in Palestine and how it was no big deal to start a country there and ethnically cleanse 650,000 Arab Muslims from their homes. You are a liar, at a very basic level. In 1890 - just before the launch of the political Zionist movement, this is the population breakdown for Palestine. 43,000 Jews. 57,000 Christians. 432,000 Muslims. By 1947 there are 630,000 Jews in Palestine. If you don't call that an invasion than I don't know what is. The last time the Jews had anything but a small minority population in Palestine was the 1st century ce. How that adds up to giving Jews a license to build a nation in Palestine I'll never know.

I only care because for years I was told that the Jews were the victims. And then I read the real history and was shocked. I had been told for decades that we "Had" to support Israel. I began to ask why? I got no good answers other than mumbling about alliances (it's a tautology to tell me they are an ally because they are an ally) and that they are a democracy. We have other allies in the region and being a democracy didn't give them the right to essentially invade, colonize and appropriate the land of others. Most here don't know that the Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate for Palestine and the U.N. partition resolution all stipulated specifically that the indigenous people's living in Palestine would not be forced from their homes or discriminated against. And then the Zionists not only cleansed their territory of big numbers of Arab Muslims, they also took 20% more territory. They had to stop their campaign due to international outrage, but managed to create the Jewish majority state they sought all along - in the only way possible. Without the ethnic cleansing, a majority Jewish state is not possible and Zionists had made clear for years this was their objective.

What's most pathetic is that Americans know so little about the real facts. Like that the U.S. supported the U.N. resolution demanding the "right of return" for Palestinians in '49 because the Zionist's actions in Palesting were obviously a heinous violation of human rights. Albert Einstein thought so too and publicly called the radical Zionists engaging in these horrors "Nazis". That's right, no less a prominent Jew than Albert freaking Einstein called his fellow Jews "Nazis" for what they were doing. I don't say that - he did. The director of the newly formed CIA begged Truman not to support the resolution, predicting it would result in "endless war". We only signed the British Mandate from the League of Nations with a codicil added, stipulating that we would not use military force to enforce the borders established. In fact, reflexive support for Israel in the U.S. doesn't emerge until a generation later and after substantial Israeli official suppression of the truth. And just to be clear, my last sentence isn't hyperbole - the Israeli govt has admitted it lied to its own people and the world about what it did in Palestine in '48.

After learning all this, I cannot understand why we support Israel. And now I watch as the Zionists have merged their cause with our fight with the Jihadis (brought on in part by our support of Israel). It's really too much to sit still for. Again, I would not care if I wasn't told that the U.S. must support Israel. I see no moral or strategic reason to do so. If we want to offer safety to Jews - which I support as I'm actually a bit of a Jew-lover, which is why I giggle when people call me an anti-semite - we can offer political asylum here in the U.S.. They are a great people who bring much to U.S. society and can live here relatively unmolested. It would be good for us and them, but the current approach of guaranteeing the blood-soaked Zionist project is absurd. And based on the kind of lies you tell.

Anti-Zionist and anti-Islamist - that's the only position that makes sense for the United States. Okay, everyone pile on and call me an anti-semite or Islamist sympathizer, lol. Sigh, I only hope to reach one of you. Just one.

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This is what the beginning of the end looks like. Things come apart much more quickly than they come together, and what we are witnessing is nothing short of a collective madness by the left. I've come to the conclusion that Marxism and Progressivism (which accepts cultural marxist critiques of society as ground truths) are essentially conspiracy theories. They make up bogey men who press material or other advantages to control all of society with magical ideas like "privilege" and "patriarchy", turning what in some cases may be interesting observations into axioms. They then follow them to their logical extremes, as though they are a truth like gravity is truth.

They are impervious to reason and facts, even when caught red handed. Just watch these guys face congress or the press - the lack of honesty and candor, the overall slipperiness and arrogance - it's nothing short of astounding. I dare any leftist show a Bush administration behaving so. Holder's testimony yesterday was a national disgrace.

I smell a big media frenzy coming this weekend. Watch for some big network(s) to go nuclear over the testimony from yesterday and today. I think the MSM will fry him for a moment, and then of course let him off the hook. But I bet the Sunday talk shows will be fun this weekend. I wouldn't be surprised to see some Democrat defectors.

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The entire military and CIA timeline have to be looked at. Some of it may be classified, but the Republicans need to get sworn testimony from every decision maker in the chain of command over the use of force. CIA has it's own forces and were apparently some meaningful way responsible for the consulate's security. One of the things that mystifies me is the origin of the drone that was launched within 30 mins. Who ordered that? Why was it only 4.5 hours after the event began that NCMC authority was given to release special forces? Why was authority not given immediately? Also why did the CIF team on Croatia go elsewhere to "stage"? According to a specforces operator interviewed anonymously on Fox that CIF could have been wheels up heading to Benghazi within 30 mins of the initial report. None of this aspect of things makes any sense.

The Republicans will have to go very deep to get to the bottom of this. Stay the course.

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I source a Benny Morris presentation at the LSE in London about 8 months ago in which he stated unequivocally that the Israelis would not have been able to sand up a military or a state without British support. There is nothing leftist about it. I'm not a leftist. I'm an old school conservative with libertarian leanings. I don't hate the Brits or Jews or Israelis. I just think Zionism is a disaster for all concerned.

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Great facts and insights, thanks for this Robin!

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How would I be embarrassed by your ability to draw a map of the region? Or knowing how extensive our presence is in the region? But you see the real problem is that most of you wouldn't be here because you'd realize how much Zionist propaganda FrontPage spews. It's really too bad because much of what it covers is important and spot on.

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One wonder, can you even do basic math? How many Israelis? 7.7 million. How many Arabs and Muslims surround them? Hundreds of millions. Zionists love to brag about their military prowess, but in fact if the Brits hadn't been arming them to the teeth for a long time before 1948, they would never have been able to stand up their nation. In '48 Jordan stayed on the sidelines, and Israel faced very disorganized opposition, but miraculously sprang to life as a nation with a 40,000 man strong army, amored capability, and an air force. All due to the Brits.

After '67, we have guaranteed Israel's security. She doesn't survive till now without U.S. aid aid and implicit security guarantee. You do realize that the surrounding countries will win a war against Israel eventually if we stay out of it, yes? Our whole strategy of division in the region has been to prevent an alliance of factions in the mideast to join together to eliminate Israel. But that has blown up in our faces.

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What, Danny, you only jump in when I have something nice to say?