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Rest in Peace Mr. Breitbart.

To his family I send my most humble and sincere sympathy.

The loss of a loved one, especially one so young is a terrible loss, and considering the impact you had here Mr. Breitbart... The loss feels even greater...

It's sad how the internet is now bursting with such hate, such cruelty for a life lost... I am sorry your family will have to face the barbs of a cruel world. But i hope you can take comfort in the fact that there will be so many of us putting you and your family in our good thoughts and prayers.

Rest in peace sir, and thank you for what you have done.

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Jamie makes an excellent point, the out side work is great. They put out Band of Brothers, Rome, Deadwood... But I do disagree with Jamie on the idea that "All the movies are biased" you can find some of their movies like Gathering storm (Albert Finney as Winston Churchill.... awesome) or Conspiracy (fascinating look at the Germans planning the "Final solution") are not partisan at all.

But then look at the directly made by HBO programing, like the comedy specials, most of the comedians are far left and spend nearly the whole show slamming conservatives. "The Pacific" which HBO took a more direct hand in making, was hyped as Band of Brothers 2 basically, turned out to be more about how we need to be more sympathetic towards other races and how we were racist against the Japanese (and the producers practically said as much). True Blood (Which I personally enjoy by the way) is practically dripping nothing but hate towards anything even remotely conservative. And there is no need to talk about Bill Mahr's show, again directly done by HBO.

While more than capable of promoting exceptional non-biased works... HBO lets others do the heavy lifting while they focus on only promoting the left wing.

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Over on HOT AIR they had a link to a story at the daily mail, where the head of the BBC basically says "it's ok to pick on Christians because they won't threaten to kill us".

So even the media now admits they are ok with going after some but not others.

Christans take "turn the other cheek" to heart, unfortunately that just seems to open them up to sucker punches.

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I love pointing out to liberals that Prop 8 (the anti-same sex marriage constitutional amendment) in California was passed by liberals... They have no defense when I point out the state voted nearly the same percentage for Obama as it did in favor of prop 8. In fact here in CA if you listen to the news no one reports who passed prop 8, it was the states Minority voters, the one who voted for Obama.

Statistically only 42% voted Republican in 08 here in CA, and yet Prop 8 had 52% vote in favor... And I know for a fact not every one in the 42% voted in favor of 8. if I had to do a rough guess I would say anywhere from 15-20% of the Prop 8 supporters were registered Dems and voted for Obama... But of course no one wants to talk about that.

No one wants to talk about how Los Angeles, Orange and Sacramento counties, deep blue territory voted as high as 50-65% in favor of prop 8.

Nope, lets just blame Conservatives, it's easier that way...

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I'm scared... Scared of having another 4 years of a spineless, brainless, far left President, who says one thing and does the other. All the while being covered by his beloved press corps... But scared of Immigrants? Nope...

I'm scared... Scared that WHO you are will mean nothing, but WHAT you are will be all that matters now. That it will not matter that I am a good worker, or friendly, or clever... It will only matter what my skin color is, or my religion or my gender. But scared people want to move to the US? Still no...

I'm scared... I am scared of being tagged as a racist because I disagree with some one on the validity of their argument. I am scared of being called Homophobic because I think voters should choose if a state adopts same sex marriage. I'm afraid of being pigeon holed because of the way I look, talk or believe because it does not fit in to what far left "society" finds acceptable. I'm scared of people tearing down all I love in the insane name of "Fairness" that discounts my work and efforts in to getting where I am.

Scared of Immigrants? Nope... Not at all..........

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Wait wasn't the left applauding him for doing things like having two guys make out during a cage fight to piss of the "red neck" spectators? Isn't this the guy they loved when he was embarrassing conservatives?

What is the left so afraid of? some one actually poking fun at them?

Guess it's only funny if your the one doing the laughing, huh?

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What do expect from the child of a drugged out paranoid delusional conspiracy nut?

The guy was raised by a man who basically spent his life making films and being politically active in support of some of the strangest most politically unstable ideas in the last 50 years.

The Son of a man who made the Kennedy assassination look like it was done by Gay anti-castro conservatives (one who is a pedophile ex-prest) in league with the CIA rather than some commie nut.

The son of a man who has cozzied up with every third world dictator and tyrant who openly is hostile to the US, tyrants and dictators who would throw him in jail if his did to them what he does to the US.

Face it, it was not long in coming, the son of a man like Oliver Stone is bound to have similar issues with reality. A man like that is going to say how evil the US is while praising people who kill, oppress and hate in a way that has never existed in the US. He is going to talk about the inequalities of the US but ignore the suppression of women in the Middle East. He will talk about against Hate in the US but ignore the public hanging of Gays in other part of the world. Will talk about the racism in the US but fail to mention the continued use of slaves in Africa and the Middle East.

And sadly all over the world people will applaud the son of a nut and say how brave and smart he is for "taking a stand against the US and Christianity".

Maybe this guy like being a tool for truly evil people (Iran's Government is cashing on on his conversion, of this I have no doubt) and he welcomes it...

Too bad the guy never had a shot at a normal life, maybe he would have had a chance.

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I practically fell out of my chair when they said "Lincoln went down out like a straight baller, like biggie and 2pac".... Lincoln did not go down like a Baller! He was the ORIGINAL Baller, all other Ballers went down like him.... Sheesh People, I know your from Taiwan but get some of our history straight...

But it was nice to get recognition for Zombie Regan...

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I thought this was going to be about the REAL fire fall, I was hoping they brought that tradition back, where they would pour burning embers over the side of a dried waterfall and the effect was a waterfall of fire. Never saw it in person, but heard of it and saw it on "California's gold". Would have been nice to see.

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OK I think My ears are clogged and I took some head trauma after being unknowingly fed some "Shrooms".... Did Frank just go off the reservation and say something even mildly polite about the Tea Party? Damn! I must be tripping B***s...