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Rational Behavior


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I think it's pretty dangerous too.

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One of the teabaggers whose feeds I follow. I can look it up for you if you'd like.

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it's old too.. November. I should watch that show more.

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I knew Glenn Beck reminded me of someone...but damn, I don't want to violate Godwin's Law here :-)

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Thanks - the mobile support was my husband's idea. He's addicted to his iPhone.

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I think that's somewhat common in Catholicism. I was raised Catholic, and when I was growing up and came across questions about things against Catholic doctrine (like birth control and marrying outside the faith) I realize my mother had little "time outs" for certain dogma. Speaking of birth control specifically she'd say, "the Pope doesn't belong in the bedroom". lol

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I wondered the same thing, however I recently was listening to a podcast where the person being interviewed mentioned how since Catholics do not have an issue teaching evolution, some people are opting to send kids to Catholic school if living in a conservative area were the information would be glossed over in a public school. I want to see this was Eugenie Scott being interviewed on Skeptically Speaking, but I'm not 100%. That was an education issue though...if I was gay I'd stay as far away from the Catholic church as possible.

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I love when they do dramatizations of what the rapture will be like...just saw one on the Nostradamus Effect the other night. People just disappear in a flash of lightening. Why would God need all their clothes? I'd like to think we'd see steaming piles of clothing like the Wicked Witch of the West.

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These are all great :-)

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@JFDerry from Twitter says "No, sorry, you've had enough. You're already legless."