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Why does there need to be a cross on the water tower in the first place? And why do Christians feel like they need to use government resources to promote their religion? I thought most of them were against Big Government.

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I love the irony that Illinois was misspelled in the headline.

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How about Fergie's version?

That's not a serious vote, btw. ;)

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Darn, I'm too late. I was going to vote for the George W. Bush version.

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Oh, is it Opposite Day already?

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Reminds me of a story from when I was a kid. In 1990 some fool named Iben Browning predicted a major earthquake to hit the New Madrid fault sometime at the begin of December. People were freaked out. I knew some people who said they were going to spend the entire day sitting out in a field just to stay safe. There were rumors that they were going to shut down the schools for a day. Of course, the day came and went without even a slight tremor. There hasn't been a significant earthquake on that fault to this day.

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Ah, looks like you got one of those CopyPasta Christian trolls. They can never put forth their own argument so they have to use someone else's words. Not a single original thought in their pointy little heads.

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Nice digs. ;)

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Has anyone prayed for Omarion yet???

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And exactly how many roads has God paved lately?