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Look, Cyberlizard, Cap'n Jack isn't exactly a proper data point in this argument. The simple fact is, EVERYONE would do him. Even me.

Everything else stands as-is. :D

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Whoa. Someone put together a douchebaggy teabaggy e-mail signature... FOR TWITTER?!

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If only there WAS a Rapture. It would give us a little bit of peace for a while, anyway. Unfortunately though, even if the Bible DID by some near-impossible happenstance turn out to be true, the fundies will all have to live through the Tribulation too.

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All I can say is, what the living hell does Christ have to do with the Mayan calendar?

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The Bible is the Christian equivalent to the Magic 8-Ball, in other words. Only the random number generator, you, is not terribly random, since you'll tend toward opening it to about the middle and tend toward looking at about the middle of the page.

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Well I'd imagine that particular tweeter never hears that the Qu'ran is a book by man because that particular tweeter doesn't follow the Qu'ran. S/he follows the Bible. Must we take care to say "you can't use the Bible to prove the Bible (or the Qu'ran or the Veddas or the Upanishad or the Book of Mormon or the...)" every time we try to divest these god-bots of their unflagging beliefs in their dogmas?

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You're not missing anything. At all. I honestly feel like the argument was fabricated from whole cloth over a slightly misworded plea for funding (with the reminder that the Skepchicks' convention parties are fun and involve lots of free liquor as a carrot). This spun out into hatred for the very idea that their tagline says "skepticism never looked so good", and hatred over their Skepchick and Skepdude calendars, and hatred over the fact that most of these feminists are sex-positive (which certain groups of supposedly purist feminists apparently hate, because sex is totally about the guy, you see).

It's all stupid. Plain stupid.

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Every "Right?" reads like "Please agree with me to validate my flawed worldview!"

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$20 says it was a typo.

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Ooh, pic taken via the MySpace angle. Hilarious.