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Oh, I bet this person is just a joy to be around. Such a positive attitude.

So, basically, you're screwed either way. Following the mythical Jewish zombie means your life is difficult, but if you're life isn't then you're gonna pay dearly in the afterlife. Where do I sign up?

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Actually, the education part does make since and I'll agree that some private Catholic schools offer top notch education.

However, I've seen the severe damage that trying to reconcile religion with sexuality can cause and I just can't see how someone lives with compartmentalizing to two. Maybe it's a projection of my own experiences but I say, " far, far away".

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If the imaginary Jewish zombie wants people to believe in him, maybe he should have used his superpowers to save the 230,000+ people who were killed.

Or maybe he could have helped them overcome the devastating poverty that led to poor building practices that contributed to such a high death rate in the first place.

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In a little known mistranslation of the Book of Mormon, the lost tribe of Israel actually paddled their boats from Israel, across the Atlantic, and landed on the shores of Central America, not North America.

"Lamanite" was then a corruption of the Egyptian-based heiroglyphic for "Mayan".

Thus, they knew about Jesus' return and ended their calendars appropriately. ;-)

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There's something awfully sad about America. It has a lot to do with Christians and science indeed.

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Is he going to come back on an hourly basis for each and every time zone or do we have to assume that this is GMT?

Whenever he gets here, tell him I'll be under the sink behind the Comet....

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I was delusionally hoping that the whole chemtrail horseshit had been put to rest. Guess not.

At one point, my cousins had my dad convinced that chemtrails were real since they believe it themselves. My brother and I had to sit down with him and explain that water is a product of hydrocarbon combustion and that's what produces contrails behind jets.

I was working at a mental health hospital once and one of the nurses was convinced that the conspiracy was real. I had to bring an organic chemistry book to work to show her the formula for combustion. She was an RN and had to take basic organic chemistry to get her certification!

What is it about conspiracy theories that attract people?

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Well, she was the apostle to the apostles...*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

If she was a follower of Jesus and was loved so much by him, how is it that she would mistake him for the gardener?

Just because I needed to know, a Google search indeed reveals that there is quite a bit of "Jesus porn" available both gay and straight.

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Stephen Fry is truly inspiring. He's incredibly funny and intelligent. I could sit and listen to him for hours on end.

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That is just creepy.

No matter how much I like my family, if they ever tried to pull this one (not that they would), they'd be getting thrown out with the threat of their world ending sooner than they expect.