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The only greedy tax avoiders are RICH DEMACRATs think Tim Gitner,John Kerry, Tom Dashel to name a few, and just like the free loaders they are ask supporters to help pay.

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well spoken same is with getting rid of any union worker, most managers do not spend the time it takes to get rid of poor emloyees. usualy the best way for a immediate firing with out recourse is a refuseal to work clause . in witch you assign work you have heard one say the would never do. as long as it is legal, moral and ethical.

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so right , the only thing he helped create is a deficit albatross.

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Ron sorry to burst your bubble, But they get that from the way they have structured it. If you want to find out for shure try not paying your property tax for a couple years, In the old saying the more things change the more they stay the same is true in more ways. Think about it when a king owned the land and let his surfs have their little peace of land a tax was paid to the king now the tax is paid to the government.(king)

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barking at the moon again, free higher ed should have never been granted in the first place. People seem to confuse government intitlements with god given rights.

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I replied to you, not Proof those benifits as you say are taxes imposed on business owners FUTA, SUTA, FICA and medicare taxes

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done pay roll for a couple of yrs

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Sh!t for brains It just isn't unployement tax But on pay roll every one looks at money on the check but employers pay an the other half of FICA, Medicare, Fed and State unemployment tax , work comp. besides any health and retirement (401) agreed on b-4 they take any for themselves.

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it is fraud, unemployement is regarded a insurance, the problem runs deeper in ND an employer pays their premiem based on Industry and their buisness experiance, so as it is paid out the rates go up increaseing the overhead of the buisness and other buisness so it cuts deeper into every employer. the business doing this should sub the work out and individuals should be paid as independant contractors because of possible work site injury.

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aaaahhhhhh! ........... squatters........... I was hoping to see you in the pic on the beach with a Corona or a Bud Lite or are there sharks in the water.