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Tell me please, since you seem to know exactly how it works in the afterlife.

Actually, I never professed to know, nor believe, in the afterlife ..... I merely stated that there are people who on their deathbeds may reflect, with trepidation, their vile thoughts, deeds and words, while secretly being scared to death that there is in fact, an afterlife.

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Oh, I imagine they reflect, with trepidation, if they are fortunate enough to know that their time with their fellow man/aborted babies are ending .....

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Heartbroken. My thoughts will be of Mr.Breitbart, his wife and their children today.

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Who don't liberals hate?
I think they must even loathe themselves, if their own words are any indication.

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May have leaked?
As in, couldn't spill their guts fast enough?

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I’m surprised at the people who are supposed to be intelligent have interpreted it otherwise because it’s very disappointing to see that because the average person seems to get it … there are some people who make it a political element about everything you talk about from everything to where you’re dining or what on.

Not so intelligent when he goes off script, is he?
Reminds me of another articulate, bright, clean, nice-looking celebrity....

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Good grief, Pester.
We all, that is everyone that is legally employed and PAY taxes, fund the killing of innocent babies. Ask Barry about his opinion/vote regarding blotched bitter hangers.

I believe this discussion is whether the " your right to kill after sex" overrides "my right not to pay for the abortion after sex ", not about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Move on dot you're getting boring dot com

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I'm curious. Many here fear Obama transforming America as promised, in his own words.
Yet, you begrudge / belittle Canada's population growth?
Why? Is Canada more of a threat to the USA, than our own administration?
Is nothing worth a "good going,bud," anymore?

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Hey Roland, what goes around, comes around. First they came for .....

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There's basically one way to get pregnant, other than artificial insemination, so if a woman finds herself, as Barry says, burdened with a child, it confirms that her parents, the education system and the woman herself are sadly lacking in plain old common sense. Let's face it, the United States is not a "backwards" country .....

But, don't let that stop you from blaming someone else and demanding that someone else take responsibility for you REPEATEDLY ENJOYING unprotected s e x ... it's the new vogue, afterall.