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The biggest propeller head in the video is Mathews him self. has Obama told us what he would do the first time around has he done anything, yes he has he has destroyed any chance we might maintain the super power status and it may take twenty years of hard work and sacrifice to return to the great nation we once were. We are at a cross roads folks and if we elect this bozo for another four years look for the unemployment rate to be a whopping 25% in 2013.

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I am sure when he said "Let them eat cake", he followed that with Me to.

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He will not co-operate because he is in bed with the money . just like the guy who had cool cash in his freezer, he was convicted, maybe we will get lucky and Omama will be out before the election. Notice how this president has no respect from just about every one.

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Shutting down an American manufacturer for having rose wood from India has got to stop also . 524 Jobs are on the line and our wonderful government has shut them down . Stupid is as stupid does.

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Is she kidding ! it is at 17% now . so according to her it should be 30% with out the stimulus . That is easy to say but impossible to prove but not so impossible to prove it did the opposite and caused more jobs to be lost . Until this kind of thinking is gone from the halls of congress we will have trouble like this from now on . vote and vote often as the dems say, and remove her and the rest of the communist . I am like a kid at Christmas time I can't wait until Obama and his crowd is gone .

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A third party I fear for it would elect Obama for four more terrible years , I would not put it past the dems to run a third party just so they can keep the bozo in there. I have no respect for Obama period none. I have even less respect for Pelosi and Reid,.

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The pharisee likes to be seen and dressed in the best and also loves the upper rooms . they like to pray in public because it makes them feel God like . I wonder how they will feel when the Lord denies them before God? Pleasure here is but for such a short season so I will say the name of Jesus loud and clear until I can no longer speak .They have ears but hear not and they have eyes and can not see . As for me and my house I will serve the Lord. Next they will want it banned in the churches and that is when they will have to kill me to stop me from saying His name.

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And we are the problem ? wow ./

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I had a swimming pool in my yard for five years and decided it was time for it to come down, unknown to me there was an ordinance against me having a pool . The permit cost me nothing and I wanted to get rid of the pool, any way it is a pain . neighbor kids was all the time there wanting to swim , and guess what no mom's or dad's wanted to share watching the little tykes so we did . We did not mind until we found out one child had been told by her mothers boy friend to try and down herself so they could sue us and own our home . nice neighbors . any way it is gone and no trace so the city is not getting any thing from me . I believe with in reason your property is yours you are paying for it and should be able to use it as you wish . I am the kind of person that respects others, I would not put an out door trash burner or something that would annoy the people around me . if we all just take into consideration what it is we do we would be a better world over night. consider the neighbors . this goes beyond the pale I have never heard of a permit that cost 1,400.00 and to levy that on one of our protectors is egregious . the neighbors should have helped build it and the city could get along without their fee. geesh!

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Not unless God drops Mana from the sky and breaks the rock til it delivers water . they are far from being meek . they are violent and will use force if they do not get their way . I view them as lazy shiftless people who want a free living . I feel guilty a bit because I am retired and wish I could go back to work . You know what, I worked for 45 years and earned a retirement, so I will deal with the guilt . They now view our government as mommy and dada and expect them to take care of them like they are children. What gets me angry is the politicians who are on the verge of losing 45 years of hard work that I have done. When you have raised 6 children and to the point of being able to care for them selves come back and tell me about the meek getting the earth. Set about to earn a living and your lot will improve .