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And you retard liberals called for Bush to be overthrown, claimed 9/11 was a conspiracy to justify invading Iraq, etc. etc. etc.

You're every bit the fools the pseudo-cons on this blog are. Both of you, government first, last, and always.

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Durbin is correct with regard to taxes. As you damn well know, cutting taxes on your so-called producers never results in any lowering of prices of goods and services, but is only immediately pocketed. Any beneficial effects are YEARS down the road. But you just obsess over cut tax, cut tax, cut tax, without regard to how that plays out in the near term. You make it too easy for retard liberals to make you look as foolish as you do. Howabout doing NOTHING? Why not just let the dust f'n settle already? Would that be too much? No, there has to be a full-tilt run at fiddling with everything even more, regardless of whether it makes sense right here and now.

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This is the same government which when the Soviet Union DECLASSIFIED ITS OWN FUSION ENERGY RESEARCH censored that information when the researchers brought it to the USA with the Kremlin's blessings. Of course, it's also the same government that exposed our troops to radiation during nuke testing. And the same government that interned thousands of Japanese and German Americans during WWII. Yet, as soon as you get votes, the pseudo conservatives implicitly trust that government as if their being in the wings makes it all rainbows and unicorns. Just like liberals.

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The ONE and ONLY ONE reason you're against this is because you think everyone who is unemployed is a cheater, a shifty roustabout, a leech who could get a job in an economy you yourself have painted as near to depression for the last two years now. Which is it? The economy is bad and the unemployment rate is 10% or better, or is the economy suddenly rose-scented crap that only looks bad but jobs are just abounding? Which is it genius? Talk out of ONE side of your mouth already.

As far as I'm concerned a guy whose job is blogging nonsense and getting paid for marginal ads on that site is hardly one to brag about working. Try going out to get a REAL job Rob. I know you're completely alien to labor, and have hated every honest work you've ever done like the rest of the pansies of your age, but TRY. See if you can get a job so easy that pays all your existing bills. See how many circular file your applications and resumes, see how many won't talk to you. See how many keep you hanging for MONTHS. See how the honest workers of this nation are being treated by your so-called producer friends.

You're championing people who treat employees like absolute sh1t, and you're proud of it. In my book, that makes you as selfish as Dino ever was. Congratulations, you have met the enemy and it is YOU.

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I'm sorry, but are you against the same sort of thing that the government did all through World War II and Korea? Or maybe your sub-standard education somehow missed the government actively promoting all kinds of things back then. It was considered patriotic and to speak against it was to be a commie and a traitor. Now, your conception of conservatism is that it is wrong? What changed? Oh yeah, the latest generation of so-called conservatives are as selfish and self-centered as liberals, and like them favor pot smoking and social engineering. How soon one can forget that.

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This from someone who was righteous against Obama and the Democrats over the unemployment rates, when it suited him. Now that the Republicans got the votes you wanted, you turn on those same unemployed. I hope you lose your job and see what it is like out there. Maybe you need to suffer a little and see how the other half lives.

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Well, you and yours are a good reason the third party is coming. Your reflexive treatment of the poor and unemployed as beneath you and a bunch of sponges, your reflexive sucking up to the rich, your gyrations in favor of forcing gay marriage down the public's throat and your dismissal of their interests in your desires to legalize pot... You're a classic RINO. You use the unemployed when it suits you, and toss them aside when you get your votes. You use society for your ends, and have no conscience about society's interests and insist society can't tell you what to do. You don't care about the poor, you don't have a single water-holding idea for fixing the morass of this nation's educational system, and you side with drug users over the law abiding citizens. You constantly act like you're better than them.

That's not what conservatism or the Republican Party should be about. Not in the slightest. You've become your own perversion of yourself, just as liberals have. They hug themselves for mouthing platitudes about tolerance and then living in their white enclaves distant from the inner cities they wax about. They drive their gas-guzzling SUVs while nattering about CO2. They throw massive amounts of spoiled food away after buying too much and using only some of it, while thinking there's nothing wrong with a welfare food system that barely covers enough to eat. They like you show for photo ops, and then go back to their little worlds.

That's what is wrong. That's why there will be a third party. You thought you could simply claim the economy was all better as soon as yours got elected. You thought the Tea Party, full of unemployed and underemployed people struggling to make ends meet was on your side and your ideology of endless shilling for the wealthiest people. THEY NEVER WERE. Just like Obama and company were to learn, you don't own their anger. And now, you're going to be their next target.

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The taxes need to be shifted away from consumption... Time is running out...

It’s called having leverage after winning an election. You know, that whole “will of the people” and “consent of the governed” thing.

This is EXACTLY the same attitude that Obama had after he was elected and YOU castigated him for it. You're a total hypocrite now.

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Do you believe that if they went off welfare onto minimum wage jobs with no health insurance or other perks, that they'd be able to survive out there? No, they can't. Apartments with or without utilities, utilities if not included, transportation, and groceries are more than minimum wage will cover. No, there's no disposable income left over after that.

While liberals pat themselves on the back and think the world of themselves for giving 25% of the welfare budget to the poor and the other 75% to themselves, I note that YOUR response on the other side has been to say a big F*CK YOU to them. Did you propose any programs to get them educated and trained? NO YOU F*CKING DIDN'T. As usual, all you did was paint them as sponges, and pay no attention to the fact that your big wealthy friends in business have made it next to impossible for them to get into jobs above minimum wage. Maybe you're not paying attention or can't read. Maybe you haven't seen the job ads for manufacturing that read "entry level" AND want a MINIMUM of 5 years prior experience AND a degree just to schlep around a machine shop NOT actually machining. Or where actual trained machinists with 5 years experience are being turned down because they don't have 20 years. Where cable techs working 60 hours a week are BARELY making minimum wage on piecework. Or where carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. with licenses and good records are damn near fighting each other to get 60% of what they should, at a seniority level HALF of what they've accumulated so far.

When you have experienced E-1 holders with 5 years experience in CT being considered BENEATH entry level, SOMETHING IS F*CKING WRONG. (An E-1 is an electrician's license in CT. An E-2 is an apprentice. An E-1 is the finished deal. Yet we have electrical companies that won't hire an E-1 fresh out of school to do basic 120V work. If the state's licensing (and our state is a stickler for these licenses having meaning) system says you're qualified, why are businesses acting as though you have to be a 10 year veteran just to start with them? Oh, it's because neither side of the political spectrum gives a damn about the system they are creating. To liberals, unless they are union, who cares? To conservatives, unless they own the company, who cares?)

When I used to hire people on to work DBS installation, I took anybody and everybody who could haul and climb a ladder safely. They were MY tools. A poor workman blames his tools and that ain't f*cking me. I sharpen them, I oil them, I make those tools good and proper, and I keep them that way. I motivate, I manage, I train, I. Not them. I don't expect someone else to do my job for me.

Unlike all your friends in business you keep speaking in support of, who treat the unemployed as if they were slaves being tossed to the animals in the coliseum. The would-be worker jousts with others, just to get a crappy reward of being allowed to work for LESS than the average wage and for LESS benefits and LESS job protections. That's not the way it is supposed to be. That is not the way that built this nation. No one expected an irrelevant college degree and twice as many years of prior experience. They handed you a hammer or a shovel and said watch that guy there and do what he shows you. Your boss took you on, and your boss made use of you. He made sure you grew into it and could do it. He didn't expect someone else to make you into something he wasn't willing to.

THOSE are the producers you guys are sucking up to. People who think they are too good to make teams and families of workers, too good to make them the people they want them to be. They think the American people should kneel before them and beg for those jobs and get crap when they do. The robber barons of the 19th century were positively saints compared to the assh0les you coddle.

You're as bad as the liberals.

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I love watching people prove their idiocy by continuing to talk out both sides of their mouths. When it is Obama practicing crony capitalism, oh, they get up in arms about it, but when getting back into office, they are the first to kiss rich man's ass. Rob, you're not a producer and never were. You don't have a business, you blog. You know absolutely nothing about what you speak of. And the people at the top of those companies divert whatever their burdens are onto the rest of us because they can. And they get breaks up the wazoo. And they can buy politicians to represent them and not the common folks. You're against them when they are getting good treatment from Dems, and for them when they are coming to you for the handjob.

Wake me when you have a clue what it is to be at the tail end of the economic chain. You have not the slightest idea what you're talking about.