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Stupid comment, Dave. Perhaps she should simply pay her own way. She can easily afford it, and her trip isn't remotely connected to any official business.

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The claim to Italian heritage is suspect. More likely is an hispanic lineage, probably Castillian Spanish via Mexico.

Your cotton-poly remark is priceless!

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I admit that where serious posts and comments are concerned, I tend to limit myself to subjects I'm familiar with. That discipline minimizes the necessity of correcting errors... not to mention any embarrassment.

Whereas you, on the other hand, have no such compunctions about making a total a$$ of yourself.

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Welder4, Glad to see that worked out so well. The last time I tried that "Nice looking piece" line, I got my face slapped!

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No. The advance copies didn't have pictures... only words. No point in sending it to Hater.

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Exactly what the Founding Fathers feared most about democracy, and why they instituted a republic with powers granted by the states and the people.

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If that is what you meant to say, then learn to say it that way... the first time!

And stop presuming to correct other people's grammar when you clearly have difficulty getting your own thoughts and sentences right!

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By the way, kid, lumping yourself in with RBB is mighty presumptuous of you. You aren't in the same league with him.

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Why? There is nothing wrong with HIS grammar or his syntax.

Incidentally, thanks for the compliment. Proof's verbal skills are well superior to my own, so I certainly appreciate the comparison.

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Obviously I was correct: it IS more complicated than you should be tackling.

It's not a matter of who/what is doing the distracting/detracting, but who/what is being distracted/detracted.

Your petty attempt at rationalization aside, in either case you are wrong, kid!