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Rockin' the Mom jeans even then!

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Yeah. If they had published the five year old picture once, it would have been understandable. Reusing it over and over for weeks was inexcusably dishonest.

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Not necessarily greedy. Medicine, like milk, doesn't automatically go bad on its "sell by" date. At 50 cents to a buck a piece, it hardly seems motivated by greed.

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As bad as it it to foist a photoshop on people, it is just as bad or worse to stage a press conference to look like a Senate hearing...

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The biggest lie is that the Left, Obama's advisers included, are constantly advocating for higher taxes to bring gasoline prices in line "with what Europeans are paying" and every time the gas price gets nearer to where they want it, they blame Republicans for making it happen. If these guys had any principles at all (stop laughing!) don't you think they would take credit for achieving their goals?

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Yes, Mr. Axelrod. Your typical pastor always takes the Lord's name in vain, and says such things as "G*d d*amn America". Selective editing...that's it!

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I'm with Rita. After Siskel died, the show became pretty much unwatchable.

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Obscene profits are all part of keeping costs down in Obamacare...or re-electing Obama, whichever comes first!

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"If you're in the 99%, how come there's more of us?" -Great line!

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Just discovered the other day that Solyndra is an anagram for "Sold nary".