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How energetic and profound support of Israel and Jews testify to Huckabee's great understanding of moral issues?
Surely a person who has no grasp or understanding of moral issues can and does have energetic and profound support of Israel and Jews.

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Greeks are hard headed and hardworking.

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Kala Hristougena se olous.
Merry Christmas to the Christians and all the heathens out there.

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I do too.
Had to learn quick who the real boss is.

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I grew up in a household where all day long my father's word was the law..........until the following morning when they emerged from their bedroom and things would happen the way my mom wanted them to happen.
It was a mystery to me.....could never understand how she convinced the old bull.

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Hey girlfriend!
I have to agree with you.

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Put some damn goats and sheep to graze the underbrush.
What's wrong with the Helenes. Too good to be pastoralists?
Chobanis or voskos is an honorable profession.
The tending of herds in forest land will feed the nation in this time of need and preserve the forests by removing the ground grasses which feed the fires.

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Whatever happened to the extended family?
I can still remember 3 generations of our family living in one house.
Grandma and grandpa, mom, dad and their children (my brothers and I), and my fathers unmarried siblings.

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Got to go back to the time when Greeks had many sheep and goats that were allowed to graze in the forests.
All this modernity, and trying to be like the northern Europeans is incompatible with the Greek land.
Pastoralism is good for the country, and good for the land.

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I am finding my way around this blog.