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I love punk rock and I'm a hardcore conservative with tattoos. Limited gov. and the rule of law set forth by the Constitution has nothing to do with being clean cut. It's about moral people living in a civil society and respecting the liberties of others. Socialists have no morals or self restraint...they take from others with non-constitutional law as their power to do so.
SOCIAL DISTORTION and Face to Face tonight at Verizon (Irvine Meadows!!)

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Conservatism works in theory and in practice...while Marxism/Leninism's utopia fails everytime. Hey Chavez, how's that rationing working out for you? You F'ing pig!

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Just plain weird...

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Weiner is one of the most arrogant a$$holes I have ever seen...serves him RIGHT!

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HA ha. Welcome back you trolling tool of libtardia. DONKEY!

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Bannon is a great doc film maker. His Reagan flick: In the Face of Evil, Reagan's War in Word and Deed is still the definitive of all Reagan Documentaries IMHO.

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Never back down Andrew! Never give up..."This is the last stand on earth!"

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They fear you now Andrew...as they should fear the new conservative revolution. We are winning and will not be stopped.

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You have not broken my argument by labeling me a racist...DUMMY!

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There's hope for you yet, stay engaged you might learn something if you drop the guise of a 'know it all' youth. "God save the rich" says it all...