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Elton Johns song comes to mind, a candle in the wind I don't mean to sound hooky but it just keeps coming to my mind every time I see his picture.

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He is so confused he doesn't know who he is because he is ashamed of his parents.

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Trash! the only Senator who would maybe want to would be Charlie Wrangle.

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Bertha you sound like your describing Obama and the rest of the low life lefties including yourself.

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Thanks Congressman Gohmert, great tribute.

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Can't believe it! Rest in Peace Andrew. He lived life with great passion and will be sorely missed.

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Look you moron, you might not want to own a gun but I like owning one so shut the f up.

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I wonder if this scares Pelosi? She was so scared of the Tea Party ha ha . I watched some of their video's and some of them sound like they want the best for America but others don't as this one shows. I don't want to see people die in the streets like in other countries, just look at what is happening in the supposed Arab spring, the people are going to end up having less freedom than they had.

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Destroy it? Turn it into what? I don't want to see a French revolution.

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I wonder how popular a movie would be of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground or one on Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals?