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Costner was right that she was pretty and talented enough, but she wasn't strong enough or smart enough to keep her feet on the ground. It's the same fate that so many not nearly as famous as WH fall in to. Too bad.

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Correct Quek, shame is a tool liberals try to use against anyone that has a view different from their own. It never applies to them, they think.

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John Nolte is realizing what the rest of the country has come to realize, trust your gut. If you hear something presented as fact from the MSM and it sounds "out of character" or a little odd given the source, check it out. Chances are the MSM has used what you heard out of context and to promote an agenda.

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You are making a difference AB. Keep them on the defensive. It's not a posture they are used to.

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My guess is that if she does run, it will be for the noblest of reasons, because I think she knows that she most likely would not win. It would to deflect the scrutiny from the other candidates. If she gets in, she will get ALL of the media attention. Maybe that will help the one that ultimately wins the Republican nomination.

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Wake me up when they get some taller sailors. It looked like they need them.

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This makes too much sense. I've always said that Hillary would run in 2012. I had about given up on the idea, but I see now that it is alive and not only well, but probable.

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But with that said, it really doesn't matter which of the aforenamed candidates is the nominee, any of them, even Romney, would be better than Obama. Where conservatives must focus on detail is in the Congressional races. Our little victory in 2010, while still lacking in a full overhaul, has changed the debate in D.C.. That is HUGE compared what it was like just one year ago. All presidents need to be held in check, and all congresses need direction, if not from the president, from the people.

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Very well said.