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The Fed exists because Congress allows it. Congress shirks its responsibility to make monetary policies it was ELECTED to do. The Fed is nothing but Congress' puppet, and they can't stop spending...so the mad scientists at the Fed think of wild fantastic mad scientist formulas (Like Quantitative Easing) to enable the Congress to continue their populist bribes. that's what I'm whining about...LOL, think, think, don't shirk your own responsibility, just because the Congress does.

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it's either one or the other, everyone has to choose. O is in the drivers seat right now, where he takes the vehicle that is our country is naturally everyone's concern. Everything dances around this, including Newt. Compare the two, Newt is not too bad when any reasonable person compares him to someone like your perceived fixation. Put Obama in jail so we can judge someone like Newt more rationally. Until then, any judgement about anyone else besides Obama is flawed

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'Made millions from Frannie and Freddie mac while the housing market crashed! '
that's CHUMP change these days, wake me up when you have something material to complain about. :)

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Well, at least he has a position, what's Obama's other then not wanting to declare any position at all other than that of being a great accuser to the minority opposition? But, rather, Obama continuing to allow the great ransacking of America's wealth with annual trillion dollar deficits and political payouts masquerading as stimulus bills.

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Someone needs to ask Newt why congress has allowed the Fed to print additional trillions to support the nation's banks bad decisions and now Europe's all the while the growing numbers of unemployed in America are being evicted from their homes by those same bailed out banks. Not promoting bailouts of any kind to anyone, corporate or real human, just saying, what does Newt think about this? We already know Obama is stabbing all the poor in the back with his appeasement of Bernanke, Newt, does he support Perry's tough talk about auditing and reigning in the Federal Reserve? Yesterday, the DOW's massive positive move amid a time of great national suffering and international chaos should raise many a political eyebrow as to why these big corporate bigwigs are getting handouts while the ordinary middle class joe is getting the rear-end shaft with a stuffed pink-sheet unlubricated condom.

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So, I keep waiting for some kind of similar clarity to come out on the Democratic side of the aisle about Barry. Come'on Republican machine, let's take the gloves off now..., we all know Newt is vulnerable to this sex stuff too, so if we flood the market on both sides, then we neutralize the whole deal and then we're back to square one, Barry's crappy governing record. Forget about race and let this jerk have it both barrels, heck even bring up the vicious double standard of never getting to see Barry's grades and the reverse discrimination that got Barry is, on the affirmative action train that is. Republicans try to be too gentlemenly.

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Conservatives definitely have a monopoly on young & beautiful, vibrantly true conservative women (Michele B & Sarah P), it's just our rhino media-connected establishment is too whimpy, stupid & shameless to stick up for them.

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just one of many thousand reasons to tune out the double standard biased media

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They say when you owe the bank a hundred thousand or a million or two dollars, the bank owns you, but when you owe the stupid bank (China) hundreds of billions, or a cool trillion that they lent you, well you own that bank. Crazy as it seems...they will never get that money back, not saying this is good or bad, but as you can probably guess, anyone who would lend anyone that kind of capital has got to be looney tunes...and to expect any kind of return on investment even more crazier.

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Funny thing about China, it's so opaque, they do have an awful off-balance sheet problem of their own, with a billion plus population and most at or below the poverty line and government corruption out the wazoo...go ahead and buy all the gold, silver and whatever other precious somethings they want, understood that when Sadam got fished out of his fox whole he had a lot of that stuff too, as did the last Tsar before they put a bullet in his head. All this financial garbage is meaningless if one does not have a free society to protect and respect private ownership and basic human dignity. In the coming years, I would not want to be a member of the glorious Chinese Communist Party just as I wouldn't have wanted to have been a Romanov at the end of the 19th century.