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What about games like Dead Space Extraction, Madworld, and other great Wii games that are overshadowed by "The Big N's" games? They are obviously great games, but they do extremely poorly. The audience for these titles isn't the same as the target audience of the Wii, but still. These games are better than they're given credit for.

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I accidentally unsubscribed to your podcast a few weeks back and was wondering why there were no new episodes. I then went and downloaded the podcasts all the way from Halloween to the present and am almost done listening to them. It really shows how good of a podcast you have that I can stand listening to more than 3 episodes in a row.

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The fact that it's that easy to hack the game is pathetic. High Voltage put so much time into making a quality game, and if it's that easy to do it you wonder what went wrong.

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I'd call them strategy games.

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I find myself on facebook more often now that I have an iPod, but most of the time it's only for a minute to see who's online.
But that doesn't matter, this is the second new game radio that I've listened to, and though the style is different I like it a lot. The great flow of the podcast and frequent deviations from the main topic are informing and enjoyable. Consider me a new listener.

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I'd take the Punch-out download. I could always search the interwebs for a Mario hat or Nintendo calender.

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I sort of like it when i get stuck on a level. Sure there may be some expletives and maybe me even not playing the game for a while, but once I beat the level it makes me feel like I accomplished something even though it doesn't really matter. I really disliked those purple coin missions, too. I guess I never played many of the comet levels though. I've found that most of my platforming failures are just because I'm going to fast. As I make more mistakes I try to go faster to get past parts that I've completed before and just get to the harder part, which leads to more mistakes.

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Well I've been a hardcore gamer since the Nintendo 64 and now they've lost me to Sony. They're just digging themselves a hole. I don't know if Nintendo is just ignorant or they really just don't care about hardcore gamers. It seems that every time that they make a new announcement something like this happens. They've been losing it since 2006 and each year it gets worse and worse.

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How can it be fun to be told what to do? In a 2-D Mario game no less. You only have to go one way, right(unless you count up and down.)
I don't see how having a few more players on screen can prove that the Wii has good processing power. They're 2-D characters. Brawl was a hell of a lot more of a fast paced game and it could easily handle multiple people in local multiplayer.

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Nintendo won't be able to make the same sort of Zelda using motion-plus. That is what we have been asking for, isn't it?