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Man, you got some pent up feelings about the Xbox franchise.

Did an Xbox blow up your house?

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No, it's more like you have a toaster that doesn't support extra-wide bagels, or your car has the cloth interior and mine has the leather.

Your toaster equation is similar to saying that my blackberry doesn't have a V8 engine. It's completely dissimilar.

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Now wait a minute... I'd almost believe that there are more PS3 gamers than PC gamers :) <flame suit>

And yes, I did play it and it's very close except the extra colors. That area in MGS4 was pretty war-torn.

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Do what I did: buy Rock Band 2. Then buy the GH:WT+guitar bundle for a paltry $75. If you consider the fact that a RB2 guitar is almost $50, then the game ends up only costing you $25. Nice 'deal' if you ask me.

And, yes, I do have GH:WT, and no I have not played it yet. Kinda sad isn't it?

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So what you're saying is the boxing is still better than the one in WiiSports.

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I don't think that counts as a video game character, unless you were dressed up as Mario or Luigi, or....

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The mom and pop shops closed up long time ago because of the shift in how the suppliers wanted to move product. I know of a local shop that just shuttered its doors last summer because of that problem. Quite a shame, because in the smaller stores customers come first, its easy to be a relationship with them and actually feel like you can "trust" them.

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Simon's gone metro !!!! ^-^;;;;

Sorry couldn't resist. :P

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Personally, I like the ad-train that they've built. It does show that Sony is trying to create a basis for continuing to look forward to games on the PS3. I won't pay for it, but it does provide a possible avenue for growth. Think about having interviews with directors, publishers, creative managers, etc for various games, IP, etc.

It's there, now Sony needs to put a tap on it and let it flow.

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For the record, there looks to be 3 cans of Miller Lite in there, as well as all of the pop.