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Welcome to the PS3! My PSN ID is stephenjm if you want to look for me. No, PSP games are not playable on PS3, only on PSP. The exception is PSP Minis, which are these little minigame things that you can get and will run on both.

PS1 Classics, though, will run on PSP. When you're shopping on the PlayStation Store it will say on the icon what platform the game will run on, some will run on both PSP and PS3.

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One of the most confusing things in the game to me was the talking horse. If someone had explained it to me, it would have helped, so let me do you that favor. The horse is the "old god" Pan, who is able to change forms. He serves as a kind of bridge in the game, showing up to shuttle you between certain areas.

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It's an excellent point you make. Though, I noticed that after it came out on VC, the value of the game on eBay plummeted well below $100. Not sure if it stayed down or eventually came back up.

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I played it on an emulator briefly too, was too weird for my taste.

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I noticed that similarity as well, but didn't think it was close enough to be definitively intentional. It really just amounts to some tapping on a piano, which sounds kind of like the harp music in IV. The connection, as you said, does make sense, though.

I do love both the tracks, though.

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Nope. Never managed to get it running, and a lot of people seem to be having the same issue.

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Yeah, I'm wishing I'd kept the iPod Touch I got free with my MacBook Pro instead of flipping it for $200 on eBay.

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I appreciate it. Keep in mind there is a free demo on XBL. I recommend you try it. It's not just a bad Castlevania.

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I've pretty much finished a review, but I also can't get the multiplayer to work. Going to try a little longer, if I can't get it running, it's getting a low score. I think the game is a big disappointment in single player at least.

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Hero has a skirt, hah!