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I did and didn't even notice or think to recheck the link once I edited it...Thanks!

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<a href="" target="_blank"> ....From ABC news: "Biden on 2010: If GOP Succeeds, It’s ‘The End of the Road for What Barack and I Are Trying to Do’"....I enjoyed reading that Biden is sweating bullets but what I still cannot understand is if he knows there is a threat to the democratic seats then there is obviously a reason for it that he must consider! Why are he and the POTUS still not listening to the ones who matter....the people??? Of course there will be some big changes in Congress when the productive people have yet to see anything good come from a Democratic administration! If you read the comments after the article, you'll see that many are waking up after getting a good taste of the bitter hope and change they were fed and see it now for what it really intricately decorated designer cake that once cut, rendered a horrendous stench of socialism. Let's hope we aren't forced to have the cake and eat it to!

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Endless entitlements for can "self" approve your application by stating you are a recipient of any Government program listed under their qualifications and as far as I can tell, no one verifies your claim. I personally understand and have no qualms with offering this service to income restricted elderly or disabled who are often the victims of crime or even to the chronically ill but to offer it to anyone who receives any type of assistance is wrong when you know more then half of those people who have applied for this already have cell phone service that they can afford to pay for! I personally know of several people who have talked about having this service as back up while they keep their regular $100 a month text/internet plans. I think that if you are to qualify, you must not have ANY existing cell phone service and the applications should be processed to verfiy this and the legitimacy of an applicants eligibility. I am disgusted that instead of offering jobs to those income restricted people needing this service, the Government instead pays non-citizens to operate Safelinks call center overseas.

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Anyone need or have an "Obama phone"? I'd like to know, why if our citizens are in such dire need of free cell phones to get jobs, why did'nt the Gov. hire them for the Safelink call center instead of outsourcing to India???? This is funny....<a href="" target="_blank">

14 years ago @ -- Y... - - Op... · 1 reply · +3 points you should Cat. For various reasons, we have seriously considered home schooling our children also.

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Amanda....Please understand my post was not intended to label you when I haven't even followed your posts. I missed whatever you wrote that first set everyone off and have not really cared to dig through the threads to research it since I have had my own troll drama I'm following up on. If your a liberal troll....then Welcome to 912, put your glass of purple sugar water down and hope you learn something that may save the future of our Country....If your not a troll, then I hope everyone can take a breather and agree to disagree with a fellow Patriot on this one. Then we can all move forward with the common goal of taking our Country back to when it belonged to the people and put our Governmnt back in their proper places which is off the pedestal and not digging double fisted into our front pockets.

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Not really but maybe they will log on sober and read something that will benefit them before they get drunk on their daily Kool-aid ;)

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Jeanette, I'm not sure if Amanda is a troll or not but we do seem to have quite a few Trolls perusing these threads lately. Unfortunately, I had quite a few stalking Dem's shadow me over here but look at it this way, if they hang around long enough then maybe, just maybe, they will read the posts with an open mind and will learn something. Not likely but we can only hope right:)

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It sure does NiteCrawler....Curious, don't I know you from somewhere like the Salisbury Post but posting under a diff ID? Perhaps I'm wrong but I noted that you had visited CR's dashboard as well as mine only which is why I ask since I have so many "new" ID's visiting me lately just to play games but you would be the first to post on here.