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Not to worry Bubba.

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Not everyone can be a Marine. If I recall correctly, you do need transportation via Warships. God bless our Marines, and the guys that get them there.

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I love the way you think.

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The "dirty libs" have something else to worry about. I saw the pictures, and thought they where taken before the rally. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, maybe that's why libs are dirty people.

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Juan Williams just said "there where people that didn't like Bush, but they didn't yell out 'you lie'".......True, they just booed him.
He also said "No one questioned his (Bush) legitimacy to be President" Lie, for 8 years all we heard was he stole he election.
He also said "No one said he couldn't speak to school kids" Lie, the where congressional hearings about that speech. So, when I hear this kind of crap I am simply amazed that people are not calling out such untruthful statements. Williams went on t flame the fire's of racism suggesting that the subtext to the criticism of Obama's agenda has racial undertones. He also said "ministers wishing for the death of Obama, and people showing up with guns in advance...." I wonder if he was referring to the colored man with the assault rifle draped over his shoulder? Not likely.

Thanks Juan for adding just a bit more fodder to the already 5 alarm fire of the racism that is burning this nation up.

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This is the same thing that happened in San Antonio. People where told not to go because of agitators, and they never showed. It sounds like it was a once in a life time experience, and I am glad you where able to attend. Our rally was called on account of rain, but that was OK. I got to watch Glenn's show, and I was there in spirit. I thought Glenn was going to start crying when everyone was saying thank you Glenn and God bless you Glenn. Liberals are realizing that we have learned how to protest better than they do, and they are running scared.

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Maybe this is just one of the things that Glenn spoke of? Just how many dirty little secrets are laying around DC? If just some of these things can be brought to light, the house of cards will fall, and I can eat all my stored food, and send my stored water to California farmers. In fact maybe in order to counter the "endangered fish" in Ca. we need to send tanker after tanker of water to counter the feds rationing of such a vital part of farming. There was a time when hay was hard to come by, and the American people came together to help feed our beef supply to those ranchers that where devastated by floods. The railroad does have potable water tank cars that can be easily filled by people, and shipped to Ca. Just a thought. We are at our best when things are at there worst. Have a good morning.

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Oh for crying out loud! If there had been a vote to ban Jake, it would have been shot down. Would you please quit blaming everyone for Jake's banishment, and move on to something else?
In fact, if this is all we can speak about, I will take a hiatus from here. This site has been hijacked, and should be called "the Jake Communique. I'm done for awhile with this place. Thanks for dividing everyone here.

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You and others are making fine points on this discussion. Thanks to you and everyone else for being so insightful.

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Indeed, he threatened to call anyone out that did not agree with him, but when he was called out, the man doing the calling was vilified. The real villain was making another campaign speech.