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Hillary said that they...the democrats...will not be "civil" until they've got control.

Hmmm... I've mever known them to ever be civil. If you don't beleive me just look at SDS, The Weather Undgrnround,ELF, Code Pin, the Black Panthers, La Raza, OWS, BLM, and Antifa...etc.

"If they bring a knife, you bring a gun!" - Barack Obama

If thy (the right) go down, you KICK THE!M! - Eric Holder

Where are we right now?

> Suspicions of real voter fraud in FL. And other recounts across the country.

> Threats to Tucker - and the media openly say they don't feel the least bit of simpathy for him or his family.

> The very far left that had strongly expressed their hatred of Jeff Sessions are now protesting his firing and the coming replacement - whomever it may be.

> That Preorganized "caravan" is getting closer.

> Now there's the inevitable replacement of far left activist Ruth B Ginsberg. I can go on.

I'm remembering the 60s. The assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK,jr. The riots of '65 and '68. Plus the murder of Malcolm X: and Louys Farrahkan admitting his ivnolvement. That it wasn't "the whit a men's business".

I have a bad feeling.


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> DT slaps the snot out of Jim Acosta CNN and Peter Alexander NBC news!

> Jeff Sessions anounced his "resignation". Translation: He wasd FIRED! LOL q;-D

Ah, the "blue wave" or "tsunami", huh!

More like a blue FART!

Crayon maker says they'll be adding a new shade of blue to their line:


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Where Do We Go From Here...

As a nation, that is. It comes to no surprise to me that the dems took the House. Lame-quack Speaker, Paul Ryan, really blew it. Now we can totally forget the "Wall". Not that I ever believe that it'd've gotten done anyway. The same can be said about repealing Obamacare. We were lucky to've gotten rid of the individual mandate as that bill had been added into the pile which passed the tax reform bill.

So, now what? Will the new Democrat House loudly seek to impeach Trump? Hmmm...I dunno. Their gains in the HoR was not that "blue wave" the media had literally cried out for. The nation will be wacthing to see if the Maxine Waters-democrats will continue going batshit-nuts! Does it mean the "immigration reform" that the likes of Nancy Pelosi's been "Dreaming" of? Maybe. Does it mean MORE spending? DEFINITELY! Not that it had ever even slowed down in the first place.

FLORIDA: Desantis won - thanks totally to DT. Personally, the choice should've been Putnam. He was the favorite here. He beat Gillum by just 1%. Bill Nelson refuses to concede to Rick Scott (Big "surprise", huh). All in all a pretty good night for the Sunshine State; and Texas as well as Francis "don beeto" O'rourke losr w/ a nice margin.

As for the Senate - Thanks to Mitch McConnell holding his ground w/ getting the nation over the finish line by appointing Bret Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS! Make no mistake, that DID save the GOP there! And although we gained more seats, I have the feeling that Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe may be showing more of their progressive colors by leaning more w/ the new demcrat Speaker (Pelosi?). Why, you ask? The governor's seat in the state of ME went blue.

It seems that the nation is calling for "bipartisenship" in DC. And that has ALWAYS meant a more liberal / progressive federal government. Imo, the status quo has been saved. Not that it had ever gone away.


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Comparing President Trump's speech to Obama's, I'd say that DT showed genuine love of country. His energy was electric and contageous. it really blew me away.

As for Barack Hussein Obama, he sounded like an old, desperate, liar. Period. .

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While on his campaign trail, Barack Insane Obama called for a "civilian force"; and he got it.

Election Day 2008:
The militant pro-Islamist gang known as The Black Panthers were involved in Voter Intimidation and threaten white voters (and their babies) at a predominantly republican precinct in Philadelphia.


Ten yrs later the vicious gang has ramped it up. Over the weekend the Black Panther's were in Georgia "campaigning" for Stacey Adams - brandishing AK47s and other weapons.

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." - Mao Tse Tung

In just 36 hrs the voters will have decided which direction they want the country to go. Will it be Freedom or even MORE lies, threats and a future US gov't that will rule through fear and tyranny? We had a taste of it under the control of Obama, Holder and Lynch. And it was exactly that: Just a "taste".


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Insane Memory Lane

November 2008:

Remember this? "We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United states of America!".

Leading up to the 2016 elections I had forecasted that the Obama era can be considered "the good ole days" in comparison to if Hillary Clinton takes the "throne". The tea leaves had aligned the moment it was announced that Trump won. And the TRUE BLUE colors of the left came out of the darkness. The left is ready for bloody revenge. Hollywood had said so.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan came out to say that President Trump does NOT have the power to change laws. Hmmm...Did he, or other high-pollutin GOPee-ons, ever come out when Obama used his UNconstitutional powers also known as the "phone and the pen" w/ Obamacare and DACA just for example? No! Has Lois Lerner faced any consequences for her actions using the IRS to attack Conservatives and TPers alike? Nope. Does anybody even think that fmr usag Eric Holder will even see a courtroom over his obstruction of justice w/ the Black Panther voter intimidation and hate crimes investigation? What about FAST & FURIOUS?

Ryan, get your Flakey ass off your high horse!

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The March Madness

Linda FAUXsour...I mean Sarsour...the cloaked-head of the radically far left group "The Women's March" is standing "with" the Jewish community following the murders of eleven worshippers at the Tree Of Life Temple in Pittsburg?!

This is the same woman that had a melt-down [*] over President Trump acknowledging Jerusa;em and moving the US Embassy there. I want to punctuate the FACT that it was President Donald Trump that finally made that historic moment happen. אמן (Amen!)

FAUXsour standing "with" the Jews is as sincere as either Louis Farrakhan, Valerie Jarrett, Goerge Soros or "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright taking this position. It's a lie. Plain and simple.

To those that are vocally calling for the POTUS to stay away from the funeral services in Pittsburg, because you all say that his hatred is what caused this, I say you are LIARS and EXPLOITERS desperately seeking political gains.

To those that have been misguided by the likes of Linda Sarsour and the media I ask: HOW is it that a alleged "jew hater" (President Trump) recognized that Jerusalem is Israe's TRUE capitol and then instantly moved our US Embassy there? HOW did Trump "encourage" that bloodthirsty murderer to kill eleven worshippers at the synogogue when he already had a history of vicious anti-semitic sentiment PRIOR to Trump ever running for Office; and had also posted his deep hatred of President Trump and his "jew loving" family?

Linda Sarsour is as much a "friend" of Israel as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian clerics are. Don't believe me. Just ash Barack Obama. Another true "friend" of Israel.



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"MAGA" Bomber?!

It sounds to me that the media had likely come up with that one within minutes of theinitial reportings.

F CHUCKY: Didya see the stickers? WOW! Talk about in the Trump bag!

L522: Did you see the BELLTS that almost mdurered Steve Scalise? Did you guys label him the Demoecrat-Socialist shooter? What about the OWS or BLM or Antifa mob. Did you label them the "Change We Need" mob? The key diff erence is that all the mobsters mentioned above had actually hurt people.

F CHUCKY: You sound like a Trump-racist too!

L522: Oh?! Did you hear the huge APPLAUSE from the entire audience that met w/ President Trump at the Young Black Leaders conference? NO ONE took-a-knee there, huh!

F CHUCKY: They're not very bright!

L522: Really? You sound like a "rich, white, racist",,Chucky!

As for Cesar Sayoc - the law will throw the book at him; without a doubt. As well they should!. Moreso, perhaps, than Bo Bergdahl got despite him having gotten fellow troops killed because of Bergdahl's desertion.

Hey, Chucky. Did CNN or any of your media colleagues criticize Obama for so prouldy hugging Bo's father? Nope. But then again - Obama bent over for the Saudi king - for which you sang his praises. "MAGA" bomber, huh? Thank kGod no one was even hurt. Can't say the same about Scalise.


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CONNECT THE DOTS 3: Hypocrisy Evident In The Lack Of Condemnation By Democrats And Their Media

Here are excerpts from a segment of yesterday's EIB:

> "There hasn’t been a single — that I’ve heard, a single — statement of condemnation for any of these acts committed against Republicans by Democrat mobs. People who have been caught on tape threatening Republicans in restaurants. People who have been caught on tape threatening Republicans at airports. Republican offices that have been vandalized, rocks thrown through windows. " [*]

So, condemnation from the left, including the violence committed by Antifa, has been NON existent. There's audio and video feeds of the likes of head union goon Trumka; former potus Obama, and other prominent democrats like Maxine Waters and Eric Holder directly calling for violence and Hillary saying "There won't be any cevelety until the democrats are back in power". Yet, as if on cue CNN is directly blaming President Trump for these "ACME bombs" (as Glenn Beck accurately put it) that have been sent.

Rush found a website that has listed threats and acts of violence committed by the far left. It's a long list. Go To:

No mere vague or baseless accusations there. The left OWNS that. As for those ACME bombs, I believe that if...or is revealed that it was or were leftists that were involved - the media will drop it like a piece of hot charcoal and move on to the next tactic.