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Plus, there's this:
Man arrested for trying to bring gas cans into St. Patrick's Cathedral

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There are reports going back to 2016 alone of thousads of attacks on churches throughout Europe and especially France including vandalism at Notre Dame. Because of these patterns, which does extend to the USA, I will not the very real possibility that the fire at ND, which happened during the holiest week for christians, was either an attack by Islamists - wchich have flooded Europe since Obama was prez and had started relocating tens of thousands of muslims since ISIS had gained strongholds in key areas in Iraq and Sryia. The vast majority of the "refugees" being male approx between 17 - 30 yrs of age.

And, since the EU/UN, is more anti-judeo christian than the radical leftists statesde - I'd say that the facts may get buried deep within their politial stance.


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Hmmmm...Send the illegals to sanctuary cities / states?


If someone believes that the dems...who CLAIM to be the saviors of those "poor brown people"...they be real wrong! Nancy Pelosi, the queen of Sanctuary Frisco, will have NONE OF THEM! The consensus: WE CAN'T AFFORD TO CARE OF THEM ALL!!! In other words: NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!!

I'm suddenly picturing the dems and their media singing the song by Queen...

♪ We are the champions...We are the champions...♫

Question: If the very sanctuary cities and their mayors and govs DON'T WANT THEM - then why should the red cities / states be FORCED to d o so?

Just when I think that their level of hypocrisy can't go any higher - they come out and SLAP the face of the very illegals that they're paying MILLION$ to bus them in.


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What do theye in common?

Their differences? Obama; the Clintons; Brennan; Crapper; Lynch; Comey; etc... are democrats. Thus, they have a Get-Out--Of-Jail Free card.

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Make no mistake. The election cycle in Israel very much mirrored that which DT faced as far as the rigging by the far w/ the help of the Obama admn as well as how their media, here and in Israel, had reported that Bebe "would be" defeated.

Had Bebe lost, the American far left media would've been celebrating and calling it "a sign" of the world's rejection of Trump. That the "world" does believe that there was "collusion" and even "obstruction". That Bebe's loss was the President's certain demise in 2020. Oh well. :)

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...And Justice For THEM
The fact that Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx committed a "James Comey" w/ Jussie Smollett as was done w/ Hillary Clinton shows just how completely crazy-arrogant and corrupt the Obama-left have become. They actually believe that they'll get away w/ that completely unscathed as well. And they probably will too.

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Why did the very close Obama friend and Chicago AG give Jesse Smollett a Get-Out-Of-Jail Free card?

Hmmm...Gee, I wonder... Hey! I got it!

Other than Smollett's family connection to the Obama's - after 2 yrs and 10s of millions of taxpayer $$$ being wasted - NO EVIDENCE of collusion or obstruction was found against the POTUS, Donald Trump.

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But the spin from the rabid far left is on cue. The likes of Schumer and Pelosi are having meltdowns. Those villagers lit their torches and had carried their pitchforks for over two years now; and, dammit, they WANT their "witch" to burn at the stake! To hell with evidence or Due Process!

"Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy, but Stops Short of Exonerating President on Obstruction"

The exnoeration is the FACT that President Donald Trump did not fire Robert Mueller or even tried to stop the probe.

BY LAW, it isn't the job of a special investigator, let alone even the FBI director, to draw any conclusions at all. Which is what the fired former FBI director, James Comey, did when he had decided on his own that there was "no intent" when the 2016 LOSER, Hillary Clinton, used private servers for classified govnerment data and then attempted to scrub away the all evidence of it.

On personal note: General Michael Flynn should be granted a full pardon. Others like Manafort and Cohen got what they had coming. And NONE OF IT is or ever was to President Trump in any way, shape or form.

Just think: In retrospect the media really wanted DT to have stopped the entire Mueller probe cold. That was the only way for them to create their "witch" out of hot air.


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Despite 2 yrs of outright lies about Trump 24/7, a CNN poll shows that the President's at a 50% APPROVAL rating today. That's even HIGHER than BOzo's during his first term at the sam time period!

And, this is also quite telling. DT's disapproval rating is at its lowest!

Plus, DT's approval #s over the economy is at 70%!

To the Corrupted News Network & company I say:


But, hey. There's still the Mueller Report and that dossier to fall back on, right?



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I posted this latest at the site you had recently posted at as well. But, somehow they were "disapeared". Not surprised. "Fairness" and "equality", for the left, equals complete hypocrisy.