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And they're back to amnesty, and open borders, for all . . .including ruthless, bloodthirsty, gang-bangers and terrorists. That's what "sanctuary" looks like.

This new SEPARATION ANXIETY over the children of illegals is just the latest attempt at the progressives' no-illegal-left-behind agenda. But, why this old ploy again? I see two key reasons: 1. When the radical left scream, spit, and kick, the repubs in DC cave every time. And, 2. The left's "Russian collusion", "obstruction", and "impeachment" strategies have FALILED miserably; and the IG's report hurts the democrat machine more than it could ever help them in any sort of way.

But, again, there's the "upper-crust" of DC's Republicans. Like clock work the new matriarch of the GOP's royal family has chimed in.

It comes to no surprise to me that Michelle Obama and Roselyn Carter have chimed in. It's what the far left does. They circle the wagons. (If only the "right" did that, right?) I wasn't even the least bit surprised to've heard the new matriarch of the GOP establishment joining in the left's circle as well.

Where were the Carters and the Bushes when Barack Obama did the very same things; and at an even HIGHER rate? Where was that "outrage" then? If they are such "humanitarians", where was that outrage when it was exposed that Planned Parenthood was chopping up babies for parts? Or when illegals had committed a pattern of atrocities only to be released w/ out consequence?

I totally get that the democrat 1st Ladies representing their machine. Laura Bush, on the other hand...well...they Bushes are still P.O.'d over Jeb's humiliating rejection during the 2016 primaries. Hell, Bush43 was not exactly a friend of Ted Cruz either - because then TX SG Ted Cruz beat GW43 standing with the international courts over TX state law and the US Constitution. (See Juse Medellin v TX )

Then president Bush was willing to set free an illegal that raped and murdered a 14 and 16 year old girls. Cruz won the case keeping the rapist/murderer in prison. "I don't like that guy" is what GW43 had to say afterwards.

The Bushes were never friends of Ronald Reagan or Ted Cruz - and especially Donald Trump. Like the democrats these GOPers stand side by side w/ the EU/UN's international laws which does NOT supercede American laws. That's what globalism would look like, folks.

This border thing is merely the same ole smoke blowing ploy. And whichever of those repubs are actually STUPID enough to believe that they'll gain democrat / ind votes to make up for their LOSS of votes in the coming midterms for standing with the lying radical left will have a very rude awakening come this November. And my concern will not be over the loss of seats by these GOPee-ons at all - but of the loss of our Constittuion; our sovereignty; and our very Natural Rights to Freedom and Liberty.

Make no mistake, folks. We are at the precipice.


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The NoKos are using a photo of President Trump saluting their general as propaganda. The salute was in bad form for sure .But, unlike when Baraq insane O knowiingly and intentionally bent over and bobbed for the Saudi king's apples, Trump's response was merely naive. He in no way, shape or form, has any respect for any murderous communist regime. Unlike Barry O and the entire democrat regime which is led by their mass media, who dispises the very fabric of our very judeo/christian foundation, our President loves the USA and is proud,of our Founders and the accomplishments by individual Citizens as well as a nation.

America does come FIRST!

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If I may. "3000 visits" does not necessarily mean 3000 different individuals that have visited the page. The same person can revisit the site X number of times and each time it'll register as a new visit. Also, there are ways to create the illusion of a site or thread having many visits.

Lets not forget that the radical left OWN making mass replies by a single troll to make it seem like many are overwhehming the site w/ the intention of discouraigng further participation by VALUD members (Like you and me); or making mass calls to stop individuals or sponsors from supporting a Conersvative cause or network.

Btw, I'm sure that you've noticed that all the troll responses AFTER HILLARY LOST THE ELECTION have diseppared. Why? Because they ;LOST! All their trix; the rigging of their delegates (Hillary's "super" delegates); the FAKE polls, etc...was flushed down the toilet like the donkey sh*t they are. (Hello, "O.S.I." aka "Guest" aka "Joe" aka "livvvv" etc...etc...)


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Was the Barr lowered?
Nope. Roseanne is as she was. And it was never good.

Of ABC tossing her show I say SO WHAT! I don't give a sh*t at all! Just because she had something nice to say about DT gained her NO respect at all as far as I'm concerned. I never liked her as a person from the moment she spat during her "singing" of the National Anthem back in 1990. She should've been black listed then! Why wasn't the avowed communist dropped then? Because she "only" spat on America itself. But, because she went off on Obana's most valued anti American/ anti Semitic/ and anti judeo christian friend Valerie Jarrett, well, the outrage-factory (vis a vis liberal news and entertainment) were back in full production. I wouldn't doubt tha if Roseanne were a man, even the "metoo" movement would go after her as well. Fact is that Sarah Palin and Melania Trump had endured much much worse - w/ out any consequences whatsoever. That's what demcrat "Progress" looks like..

The avowed Maoist Valerie Jarrett is a valued ally of the Iranian clerics. Because of that she is a PIG! And, no, I'm not on ANY meds or sleep aids!

Now ban me!


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ROCKETman 2: Puck

Little Kimmie's attempt at trying to get President Trump to play chicken w/ him ended w/ EGG on the dicktator's face. The moment DT cancelled Singapore, Denis Rodman's li'l pot bellied friend punked-out QUICK!

It went a little somethin' like this:

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Did he actually believe that the Trump admn was going to stop w/ its naval maneuvers w/ So Korea? Does little KJu not yet get it? DT is no BHO or GWB!

So li'l Kimmie wants to show some illusion of strength; and now the meeting in Singapore has been postponed. I say SO WHAT! I am not the least bit surprised. What's most important thing to me was that we got our hostages back! And it neither cost us $Bs nor did we swap any top level Islamic terrorists in exchange! But, then again, I think Barack insane Obama already released what was left of them - for a TRAITOR / DESERTER who goes by the name of Bo Bergdahl. Remember? .

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The Parkland FL wanna be pseudo-fake journalist continues w/ his wanting to hold on to whatever relevance he can maintain w/ the media by calling for some kind of "die in" protest at a couple of Publix supermarkets in So Florida . . .because they support a republican candidate running for governor.

My first question was: What the hell is a "die in"? Well, it turns out it's a "sit in"; or a "lay in" I guess on the floor of the high quality food chain that happens to be partly owned by the store's associates.

Isn't it something how this camera-Hogg had nothing to say about the position the parents of the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting is a call for ARMED staff at their schools?

Do you SEE the NRA in their eyes, David? Do these Santa Fe parents make you feel like they're pointing a gun at you too; like you told Senator Marco Rubio during that staged CNN townhall ambush, you hypocrite?!

I am a Florida resident and I will be shopping at Publix this coming weekend!


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If I were tea am owner I'd make it clear that, when the player is in uniform, it's because they acknowledge that "I" am their boss; their employer. That when the player is in uniform they represent my team.

As such, there are rules And the first rule is "You are here to play the game of football. Period! If you want to express any opinions other than the game you shall do so only on YOUR OWN TIME and NEVER when you wear any part of the team uniform. To do so shows a complete disrespect to me, as your employer, the team and the fans that make your very substantial PAYROLL possible and come out to GET AWAY from bllsht politics and the daily grind of life. Any such behavior shall be dealt with by getting docked 10% of their yearly pay - for EVERY offense. More than three offenses would end your contract at the end of the season and an ineligibility to a next season which they wish to renegotiate."

Now - are you ready for some football?!


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Roger, keep in mind that these foam-rabid leftists WILL be a majority again; and they WILL literally finish destroying our very fragile and miseducated and indoctrinated nation. Only a total ignoramus, or a true pro anti-American judeochristian communist, would ever want a socialist government.

If they think that such a gov't would stand by "their" side they need only look at VENEZUELA. From there they could back track to ALL other communist systems like NKorea; Cuba; the former Soviet Union, etc...

ALL were/are economic and culture killers. Under a communist regime only ONE class of people have any say: the BILLIONAIRES. And the far left is LOADED w/ them. Their one interest w/ the common people is their VOTE. Until the vote becomes totally unnecessary. The "vote" in a communist country is completely symbolic; an optical illusion.

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I totally get President Trump's description of MS13. I only cringe at it because it is very much an insult towards the animal kingdom itself. MS13 is in the same category as every other gang or terrorist group like Bloods, Crips, Black Panthers, BLM, Antifa, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, etc...

Their message is one: Do as we say or we'll kill you and your family. These bloodthirsty criminals end up murderyng whomever's in their path anyway. They are below jackal.

That is where I put the Planned Parenthood & Baby Parts industry. When they slaughter enough babies, and strip their corpses for parts, you can purchase a Ferrari.

It's all this that the media and democrats offer their loyalties and support to. Their mascot shouldn't be the jackass. But either a jackal or a dingo as well.

Luis ,