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That Leninist p.o.s. desperately wanted to be the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings. I NEVER tristed...let alone ever liked him.

You will NEVER be the man.

A Michael Crichton novel is actually more believeable than the book w/ Wolfe's name on it.

The Breitbart website went down the toilet right after Andrew Breitbart died. If the Mercers genuinely want to restore the credibility of they will FIRE Steve Bannon and whomever he brought in w/ him. Otherwise I'll compare the Mercers to Jeff Sessions - the loser that's MISmanaging the DoJ. He also has to go! Period. .


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Finally the weather's breaking. BRRRRR!

It was so cold...
> that wild-Bill cuddled up to wifey Hillary - merely by sleeping in the same house!

> that the Clintons set their guest house on fire to heat up the rest of it!

> That Bill Hillary had their hands in their OWN pockets!

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The year starts w/ a whimper for the hot air king, AL global GOREming, who is desparately trying to hold on to whatever threads of relevance he has left w/ his fictitious agenda.

After DECADES of Al Gore and his congregation crying and screaming "THE SKY IS BURNING!!!" - shouldn't we all be telling the children of how once-upon-a-time there was this cold thing called snow...and snowflakes...and snowmen...and skiing...and sleds... Add another layer of SPF 5000, kids. The late afternoon sun is deadly as hell! LOL

A carnival astrologer is more "believeable" than he could ever hope to be. So is a burned-out pothead, man! "Bong Cyclone", maybe?


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BOzama and the rabid leftists never created anything but deep racial divisions where there wasn't and a deep hatred for judeochristians, law enforcement and our very American morals and values.

And, thru his Hugo Chavez loving Comm-czar he put at the FCC (Mark Lloyd) Net/neutrality was activated w/ the sole purpose of controlling Free Speech (like his other gangsta, Lois Lerner did at the IRS), and Commerce (as was being done thru the ACA/Obamacare).

And we ALL now know about the genuine CORRUPTION being comitted w/ his gang at the DoJ. Further evidence of how the only way that the left can get their agenda thru is thru LIES and CORRUPTION. As always. This is what YOU chose to side with. Incredible.

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THE DAY AFTER The Repeal of Net Neutrality (or ObamaNet)
Birds are chirping. No one's grandma got pushed over a cliff. (Wait! That's Obamacare!) No mass deaths. (Wait! That's tax reform!) The ice peaks would disappear. (Wait! That's global Gore'ming!)

No. Gov't-run internet (Obama-net) was stopped and we simply went waaaaay back to the way it was back in "2015 B.O." (before Obama net).

If anything, during the past 2 yrs, my cable/internet bill had gone UP! Just like under Obamacare. Once again the democrats, the media and latenight lefTV, were caught in yet another lie!

♪ It's the most wonderful time - in EIGHT YEARS ♫

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For well oer 50yrs democrats have run as the "protectors and defenders" of blacks, hispanics, women and homosexuals. Yet, dispite the factthat literally $Ts have been wasted since LBJ's so called "War On Poverty". That dems have run (DOWN) those ghetto cities and the states they're located in. That crimes have gone up - dispite their most restrictive gun laws. That the jobless numbers among blacks and hispanics had gone UP. That women have been either sexually harrassed and assaulted - mostly by LEFTISTS in the media and Hollywood (the very hub of those "champion defenders". And, when gay's get shot to death at a club etc, the public gets told to have "love" and "compassion" --> FOR THE SHOOTERS, tha is, they still have a solid...and even violent voting block of illiterate and msinformed zombies.

While the dems continue w/ their false accusations, and the ppuloation continues killing each other due to the left's strategy of identity-politics, they get richer and richer.

It's mindboggling. And really sad. Now I await the worthless insults from the usual trolls here. After all, the truth is the light that makes those cockroaches scatter.


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Great rally! Electric!

228k jobs. HIGHER than expected!
An ALL TIME low for hispanics out of work; and MORE blacks owning homes than ever before!

3.3% GDP and a 33% increase in manufacturing jobs; and the numbers would have been HIGHER had we not been hit by Harvey and Irma on the mainland. And Hillary, Obama and the entire LYING "news" media said it couldn't be done. The leftists merely "hoped" that Americans wouldn't've started to prosper again. (scumbags)

Neither the UN nor the Int'l courts run OUR country. Nor do their laws supercede OUR Constitution!

"Americans don't worship government. We worship God!" - Donald Trump, President of The United States


NO MORE denegrating our history; the people; or our judeochristian faith! NO MORE apologizing for our Exectionalism - let alone for our prosperity! NO MORE bowing / bending over for the world!

America Comes First!


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Franken's "resignation" speech was even more pathetic than any of his skits on SNL. He'd resign in a few weeks? But his party wants him out now so they could start phase three of their strategy to get rid of President Trump. The first two phases ("collusion") failed miserably. The second ("obstruction") will fail as well.

The new angle is to clean up house of the sexual predators to be able to revive their -WE-TRULY--CARE-FOR-WOMEN campaign to go after Roy Moore first; and then hopefully take out their big fish: the potus himself: Donald Trump.

The left couldn't make the false claims of "Russian collusion" work at all. And the "obstruction of justice" scam, as it is being cooked up by an FBI that was originally led by Lois Lerner, Bill Clinton and James Comey, etc, and then taken up by Mueller and a team of lawyers that were also big time donors of Obama and Hillary, won't work either. And they all know it. And the taxpayers have been taken for over $7 milliion thus far and counting.

The left's attempt to regain a high moral ground thru their FALSE image of being the true "protectors" and "defenders" of women is a desperate ploy at best. The problem is that the sexual-predator-cat's now out of the bag. They had embraced, idolized, and protected the likes of wild Bill Clinton and super donor Harvey Weinstiein. And had quietly paid off female victims of the sexual predator John Conyers - by using TAXPAYER money mounting to the sum of $17 million dollars. But, Conyers cost to the taxpayers was approx $28,000. So, the question is: WHO were the others on Capitol Hill that cost the American people the rest of the total sum? And that's where the GOP and the consvative media must ask very LOUDLY! But, would they?


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President Donald Trump officially acknowledged Jerusalem as the capitol of the sovereign nation of Israel. It was way lnog over due.

Now, on cue, the Palestinians have called for "3 daze of rage". What does that mean? MORE kidnappings, rapes, enslaments, and the murdering of christian and jewish women and children? Does it mean MORE bombings and the use of trucks to plow down people?

Og, please. The Palestinians have already been doing this for the past 50 yrs; and Islamists have been comitting such attrocities since the 8th century.

I will be voting
for him come 2020!

Btw: Pulp Frances shows his closet-queen-liberal/progressivism yet again by denouncing President Trump's acknowledgement of Jerusalem. Something that had already been a historical FACT for literally THOUSANDS of years now.

Estupido, hipocrita!


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OSI, your gibberish translates to you CAN'T dispute the facts. B, then aain, you never could.