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It was just reported that Congress is caving w/ Christine Ford. They seem to be willing to change the hearing to Wednesdey. What else? Will it be simulcast where Kavanaugh is out in the open in DC and her highness remains in an undisclosed location? Does her atty decide what can and can't be asked; and the questions must first pass their approval?

This Political Correctness bullshit has fundamentally transformed our Legislative and Judicial branches into banana republic kangarroo courts! It's SICKENING!

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Hey! It just dawned on me! OJ Simpson has a real shot at politics - as a democrat. All he'd have to do is say: "I'm sorry for what I may, or may not have, done. (wink)"

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The Christine Ford Demands

CHRISTINE: I want to go SECOND! I will respond to Kavanaugh's testimony!

But, YOU are the one that made the initial charge!

CHRISTINE: I don't want Kavanaugh in the same room!

But the accused has the Constitution RIGHT to face their accuser!

Whew! (eyeroll)
What's next?! I know! She puts a gun up to her own head and says: "Comply or the ballsey-twitt gets it!"

That's how STUPID this whole thing is!

Btw: 2020
The woman groper Cory Booker for President: and woman abuser Keith Ellison for MN atty general! One helluva lineup!

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Historic Victory For a Conservative Means a Monumental Loss For The Democrat Party

Not since just after the Civil War had the GOP held that seat. But on Tuesday Pete Flores put an end to the left's over a century long hold! "Blue Wave", huh?! lol

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And after Kavanaugh gets confirmed - either Ginsberg or Breyer is next! And that's why they going APESHIT!

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Amendments 6, 8, and 9 guarantee a person's innocence till PROVEN guilty in a court of law.

Christine Crazy Ford's lawyer, who is getting paid by none other than George Soros himself,, says it is NOT her responsibility to corroborate (or PROVE) her claims.

So, it's official. "Innocent till PROVEN guilty"? Nope.

"GUILTY BECAUSE WE SAID SO!!!" is the new /metoo norm. Unless you're Roman Polanksi or wild-Bill Clinton They are the exception to their rules. Which they make up as they go along.

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Just a reminder to all: W/ all this hell going on, I haven't forgotten that the new "budget"...or should I say the next "Continuing Resolution" is due by Sept 30 > or there'll be a (AHEM) another FICTICIOUS govt shutdown!

I have the stinking feeling that far as actually CUTTING THE OVERSPENDING and LOWERING OUR DEFICIT will occur. And that the deep-in-the-bag-Trump fanatics will be just fine w/ it. N different than the far left media were when Obama was potus.

Hypocrisy seems to be the only thing that truly reaches across the aisle.

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The bitches...errr uhhhh...I mean the witches cauldron has been set on high heat. The demcorats are beyond DESPERATE w/ this 12th Hr move. It's a "hail mary" or what I'll call a "Hail Fairy"-TALE, that is!

Hail Fairy

full of disgrace

The LIES are with thee...

WHERE'S the original police report? There was none made. Even the FBI's position is that there's NOTHING to investigate!

WHERE is that "stained dress"? Even Monica Lewinski still has her blue dress!

Oh! WHERE is ROMAN POLANSKI? Not a peep from the so called /metoo movement! Polanski is still revered by the far hycritical left and is still living large, w/ out a worry in the world, in France! And he was CONVICTED of actually raping a CHILD - when he was an ADULT!

Now I hear that Senator Flake is gonna back out from nominating Kavanaugh. This doesn't surprise me in the least! It seems all he wanted was an excuse to do so. His hatred of President Trump is well known. And, he's also a Progressive-reublican. The Reagan- and JFK-democrats from back-in-the-day would be considered "Conservatives" today. And hated by many in both parties. Because of those GOP-sell outs, the nom just might have to wait till after the November midterms. Once again it's up to YOU - the American Citizenry!,

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Ms Diane "Please-address-me-as-senator" Feinstein says that somebody that doesn't want any exposure, let alone even want to press charges, or even have any proof of the accusations...said that JUSTICE Kavanaugh (get used to it, "ma'am") had perhaps, maybe, probably misbheaved - IN HIGH SCHOOL!?


So, tell us, "ma'am", did Justice Kavanaugh t pull a girl's hair? And, let me guess,, he had transported his "dog" in a pet carrier "on the roof if gus car" too! OMG!!!




To Snaetor Susan Collins,

The People are WATCHING you!

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Remembering Hurricane Maria...

""These containers are full of food, these containers are full of water, full of medicine ... full of construction materials," says Vice President Jose Ayala, who notes a barge a day has arrived since the port opened on Saturday. "It has reached Puerto Rico. The problem is we can't get it on the shelves."

Ayala says it's frustrating: "People are out there under so much need, and there's this cargo here."

"Plenty of vessels can get cargo to the island," agrees Mark Miller, Crowley's vice president of communications. "But the real difficulty is getting the goods to the people via trucks."
Everybody — the government, aid groups and private firms — is having trouble moving those goods around." [1]

WHY?! Was it "fu*ken Trumps fault"? Nope.

It was because "
SMOKING GUN=> San Juan Teamsters Didn’t Show Up for Work to Distribute Relief Supplies – US Aid Rotting at Ports
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft September 30, 2017 421 Comments

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The liberal media is pounding President Trump over the suffering in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The San Juan Mayor slammed President Trump for ignoring the suffering people of Puerto Rico.

She said this while standing in front of pallets of US aid from the mainland.
Now we know why the people have no aid.
The Teamsters Union drivers did not show up to work.
Only 20% of drivers arrived at the port" [2]

Screw you, fake-stream media! You're gonna have to try a better LIE to blame Trump for what "MIGHT" happen w/ Forence!