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Russia, Russia, Russia...
The obsession and outrage being portrayed by the leftstream media is as false as their broadcasts. The daily nonsense over a Trump / Russia "collusion" is a maze of deceptions to keep us ALL off track from the FACT that the actual "collusion" was between the Obama and Hillary camps manufacturing "evidence" to get a FISA warrant by using a fictitious document created by Fusion GPS which was used during the 2012 election against Romney.

Talking about having been FIRST. Again, it was the Obama admenstruation to be FIRST to use two-Face book to gain access to Facebook's ENTIRE database - as opposed to Cambridge. which only gained access to a limited amount in comparison. The only difference being that not only was the leftstream media NOT the least bit outraged - they pubically applauded Obama's actions.

Fee Fi Fo Fum - I smell the stink of leftist hypocrite scum.


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My thoughts on:

1. Rex Tillerson:
I did not favor him as Trump's choice for Secy Of State at all from day one. A big-oil ceo does not automatically qualify.anyone for that specific post. Since 2012 I had opined that fmr US Ambassador John Bolton was/is the choice. In this case, perhaps Rudy Giulliani might've been a vetter choice. Where Foreign Policy is concerned, the best decision Trump had made was Nikki Haley. And if Trump should decide to replace her in 2021, Haley should be appointed as Secy Of State.

That aside, Tillerson and DT weren't on the same page on crucial issues like Obama's Iran deal (RT wanted to stay the course) and NKorea (stop even talking about meeting KJu). But the moment that the word was out that RT called DT a "moron", it was just a matter of time. Imo, it was about time.

2. Putin's Chemical Attack On British Soil:

Make no mistake, that was an attack. The only reason, imo, that the Prime Minister, or even the EU/ UN for that matter, will ever come out and call it what it was is because Russia is the world's #2 nuclear superpower. And, unlike the West, Putin is ruthless. And the fact that the Euros are deeply divided ideologically, where the radical leftists are dominating the media, the schools and the arts...(sound familiar?)...Putin has dropped-his-fly. And now he's pushing HARD.

Nations like Russia and Iran play "chess" where the western nations play checkers and fight to the teeth over making transgender bathrooms more addessible even in the military. Even the liberal anti Netanyahu led Israeli police are attempting to oust their Prime Minister (Does tgat sound familiar too?!).

How close are we all to being ripe for the pickens? With all the mess going on between the east and west...and the left and right...and eveb right and "right"...WHEN will Iran make its move? Believe me, it's gonna be a doozy.

Meanwhile, the democrat / media machine, along w/ the likes of John McCain and some others, are about to B*TCH and MOAN to high heaven Trump's new choice for the CIA post. Some bllsht about "waterboarding" for goodness sake.. We're sheep being lead to the slaughter. That's how I see it.

Luis,. ,

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Over a century now the Democrat Party had fundamentally transformed its ideology towards socialism / communism. When those titles became toxic they labeled themselves Liberal and progressive.

In that time American democrats had incorporated the philosophies of the father of communism Karl Marx; the radical teachings of Saul Alinsky; and totally accepting the views of eugenisist and anti semite Margaret Sanger.

With the election of Barack Insane Obama, 21st century liberals completely came out of the communist/progressive closet. Proudly idolizing brutal and bloodthirsty dictators like Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro. Across the country college students and Hollywood celebs were sporting shirts w/ the image of Castro's ruthless henchman Che Guevara.

Today there's a new twist. Under Obama, Iran received billions of $$$ in untraceable cash. Hillary Clinton had sung the praises of the anti American / anti Israel and anti judeo / christian news source Al Jazeera. Terrorist member of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, had assisted sharia Islamists to send a flotilla which attacked Israeelis at a security ccheck point. And recently, members of ultra liberal groups like N.O.W. had openly showed their support to Louis Farrakhan's Nation Of Islam. Applauding his clearly elaborate anti-Semitic views. It may as well've been a neo-Nazi or a KKK rally.

As of late, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the one whom Barack Obama had assured that he'd have "more flexible" to accomodate after he's elected to his second term, and just like Obama, deeply despises Israel and its people, had stated that it was the Jews and or the Ukrainians that were behind the 2016 election results. "The Jews", huh. Farrakhan and Putin. Ebony and ivory. And they are playing the very sympathizing democrat-machine like keys on a piano. Stupid.

Luis .

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Taking bets.

KJu will probably get a Nobel Prize just because he merely suggested the "talks". He would join the pranks...errr uhhhh I mean the Yasser Arafat, Al Gore, and Barack Insane Obama.

He'd probably be named transgender of the year...woops, I mean Person Of The TIME ragazine as well. But, then again, so was Adolf sHitler!


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Ar'right! Open Post! Lets get to it:

♪ Don't know why
There's no sun up in the sky
Stormy Daniels ♫

If...and only "IF"...DT does the "wild Bill" (lies under oath), and it's discovered that campaign funds were used, he's screwed.

Otherwise, whatever he did, it's not like he did it...many times, mind potus; nor did he commit a "Ted Kennedy" by having killed a woman because of drunk driving.

Just sayin'.

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♪ Don't know why
There's no sun up in the sky
Stormy Daniels ♫

If DT does the "wild Bill" (lies under oath), and it's discovered that campaign funds were used, he's screwed.

But, if not, whatever he did, it's not like he did it as potus; nor did he commit a "Ted Kennedy" by having killed a woman because of drunk driving.

Just sayin'.

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Here's a "reality check":
The liberal-machine (the media, the Dem Party and Hollywood, etc) having been led by that nothing-burger Debbra Wazzo-Schultz are shamefully exploiting the pain the victims' families and friends are going through. And, once again, the "machine" has reopened their tried-and-true bag of tricks by bussing everyone they could that has exoerienced a tragedy - including those at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando - neve ermind the FACT that that particular massacre was an act of Islamic terrorism.

The families are very much in pain and understandably so. But the animal that is the radical left are dutifully applying their Alinsky strategy of not letting a crisis go to waste. This tragey coldn't have come at a BETTER time for the left. It has the potential to tilt the FL midterms coming this November.

Question: WHO paid for the buses that went to Tallahasee? And WHERE is the $2m that was recetly n given by Hollywood heavies like Clooney, Oprah and Spielberg going towards? And WHY Floridians get up in arms over the murder of four grade school students in Seminole Heights last year?

Did Prohibition in any way even slow down consuumption of alcoholic beverages? No! It gave rise to the new American gangsters like Al Capone and Joe Kennedy. Killing the 2nd Amendment would be the next Prohibition Era. And the consequencs would be even more disastrous because it would cause lifelong law abiding citizens to become "criminals" just by keeping and hiding guns - to PROTECT and DEFEND themselves, their families and their property, against REAL criminals.


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Tis the season where the li'l chickensh*t democrats cry out how society as we know it WILL end catastrophically within hours -> IF the repubs don't save DACA and the 10s of MILLIONS of the other illegal aliens...CRIMINAS or otherwise.

What did the GOP actually lose after getting blamed for the NON gov't shutdown of 2013? The anser is NOTHING: ZERO! We actually GAINED the Senate majority in 2014. It's quite obvious now that the Dems only "care" about the VOTES that so called "comprehensive immigration" laws (or FULL amnesty) to those 10s of millions of NON citizens would bnirg them. Sorry, blacks! You are of NO USE to democrats any more. But, when you consider that unemployment among blacks only started coming DOWN during Trump's first year of Office - it's also quite obvious that the dems never genuinely cared about them in the first place.

A Gov't "shut down"? HAH! It's a Schumer-shutdown! And it's as much of a lie as the "You can keep your doctor"..


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That Leninist p.o.s. desperately wanted to be the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings. I NEVER tristed...let alone ever liked him.

You will NEVER be the man.

A Michael Crichton novel is actually more believeable than the book w/ Wolfe's name on it.

The Breitbart website went down the toilet right after Andrew Breitbart died. If the Mercers genuinely want to restore the credibility of they will FIRE Steve Bannon and whomever he brought in w/ him. Otherwise I'll compare the Mercers to Jeff Sessions - the loser that's MISmanaging the DoJ. He also has to go! Period. .


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Finally the weather's breaking. BRRRRR!

It was so cold...
> that wild-Bill cuddled up to wifey Hillary - merely by sleeping in the same house!

> that the Clintons set their guest house on fire to heat up the rest of it!

> That Bill Hillary had their hands in their OWN pockets!