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I find it funny that West Rowan is being critical of this, considering certain members of the football team live in South Rowan district. I am awaiting the NCHSAA to impose a forfieture penalty on West for this practice. Hey SP, send out your investigative reporters on this one.

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The new administrations stimulus package was a "feel good" pie in the sky promise. It was done soley to pat themselves on the back. Just how much of the stimulus money has been turned loose? As of this past week, the number of jobless claims grew yet again. I can't see any progress, but as they say the opposite of progress is congress.

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Angela, I sympathize with your plight. School districting is a strange monster here in Rowan County. I have often wondered why every school in the county is cancelled because of snow or ice on roads in northwestern Rowan County. As for the students, I belive that if they start a high school, they should be able to finish, and any moves to be made be done in earlier grades. Either way it isn't very easy on students or parents. We seem to have a school board that could care less about real issues, hopefully the next school board election will give us different faces to choose from. As for West Rowan, if the school system looked hard enough (hint hint) they would find a West Rowan star football player that belongs at South Rowan, but that would be overlooked because athletics seem to take precedence over rules.

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Al Gore, what a joke. I really had higher expectations of him back when he was doing the expose' on government wasteful spending (remember the 100 dollar toilet seat?) Al has figured out a way to make money, and is using it to scare the poor little tree huggers to death. Why does he continue when so much of his theory been debunked? The only logical answer, money, and he has taken heed to the old saying a fool and their money soon part. Who are these fools? Democrats.

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Ummmmm, Mr Clodfelter, just so you know, those people in Washington and Raleigh are the ones we are complaining about. Who cares about the Nobel prize, it was a shallow award at best. Perhaps if you voice your concerns, instead of wanting to hold back, eventually enough voices will be heard, and we can have a house cleaning in Raleigh and DC. I'm probably not the only one who was confused by your post, first you said you were sick of people complaining about the president, then you begin to complain about problems yourself.

And Mr Byrd, I couldn't agree more. When Obama was inagurated, every man, woman and child in the US should have been given a floatation device. Hope and change? Yeah, right.

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OK if West Iredell scored when lights went out, why does South have to kickoff with 1:10 left to go in the 2nd quarter. Have our Post reporters been hitting the bottle?

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maybe Carson was playing a split squad last night

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what was he watching at 2am, you would think with the headline, the least the post could do would be to let us know what they were watching. Grim St. ? did the rename Hoorah already?

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I think we both know the answer already CR

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Don't expect much from Hagan, she is as slimey as Purdue, and you see where she's taking us.