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Some exciting changes to come for the blog! I can't wait for the big reveal :)

Also, are you getting younger? Because in the head shot in particular you look about 20!

I've been recognised at a race before twice from the blog - it actually scared the sh*t out of me so I'm glad my blog readership is quite small. I find decorators similarly traumatic (I'm making myself sound neurotic. Oh, wait...) because I feel that the house is the one place I can be myself and feel truly safe. Luckily my Dad is obsessed with DIY so we rarely have people in to decorate at all!


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Ahh, you went to 222 Veggie Vegan! I wanted to go there when I was down in London for the marathon but I didn't want to risk unfamiliar foods the day before :( I would have ordered the pumpkin/coconut noodles (raw veggie ban be damned!) with a side of the baked sweet potates AND plantains. And how I'm hungry despite just eating most of a huge Kabocha squash (skinless) with peanut flour sauce for lunch!

You look so lovely - please do remind me when the magazine comes out because I'll have to buy one!


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The only form of PHA training I've done on purpose would be the stuff Jillian Michaels is always wittering on about in her Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD (even though there aren't any weights involved in it? Strange!) But I think Body Attack and 50/50 classes (where they split Body Pump and Body Combat) probably achieve the same thing - I know they are by far the most enjoyable and challenging classes I do.

Have a great time in London - it's lovely to see a post from Tam as well and I agree that she has a unique (in a good way!) blogging 'voice' which is very refreshing in a world of so many cookie-cutter HLBs :)


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I never want to see October again either...well, the back half of the month anyway. I can really empathise even though my problems are nothing really, I just lack perspective.

I really do hope that November is better for you and that things pick up <3


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Yay! A fashion post I can really appreciate :D I can and will live in sports gear. Nothing else seems right - I feel as though I am wearing someone else's skin unless I'm in running or gym stuff. This whole sportswear look combines fashion and athletics which makes me very happy! Not sure I have the figure for the skirts though :/

I was the crappiest kid ever at sports - I participated in all of them and was very enthusiastic but seriously misguided. I tried my best and I was always furious that my body was too fat, slow and unco-ordinated to keep up with the 'fit' kids. I was picked last for everything - and I mean EVERYTHING. All I ever wanted from a very young age was to be lithe, fast and athletic. I sucked at Netball (too short and I couldn't stop myself from running with the ball) and I tended to hack people's shins during hockey (chance to get back at the bullies...) but I was okay at tennis...possibly because it was one of the few solitary sports (my running abilities were so crap I can't even count that) I hate team sports though and now I have no interest in them - I am definitely not a team player and I'm okay with that ;)


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WIth fruit and veg I just go for the 'dirty dozen' as organic and then look for bargains on the rest - I think it's awful how much produce gets rejected just because it's not quite the right shape or size. Lots of economy fruits and veggies are fine; they're just not picture perfect like the standard ones.

I was meant to be racing on Sunday, but with the way the weather's going I'm not sure if it's going to be cancelled or not :( My feelings about snow are a little too vehement to voice in polite company.

Great news about the office for you by the way - I can't wait to see what you do with it in terms of decor :)


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Chobani has always seemed like a gimmick to me - very overhyped! I knew it was loaded with sugar as well - I looked on their website a while ago when it first popped up all over US blogs.

Simply bars on the other hand? Oh, I wish I could have reviewed those! I am so skint right now but they are first on my foodie wishlist. I don't really mind soy protein isolate - it's the only form of soy that doesn't seem to bother my stomach. So long as I don't live on it I think it's okay. Certain types of processed food are okay by me really - it just depends on whether they are full of sugary crap or not, which simply bars don't seem to be. I'd rather have low-calorie and processed than high-calorie and natural, but that's only because I have so few calories to play with in a day!

Good on you for being honest in your review.


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Pretty well! It was a lot firmer than with flax, but didn't have that wibbly texture that I sometimes worry about with chia seeds.

Haha, when I have my bi-annual hair cut (I am not joking) the hairdresser always freaks out. I guess I like the 'in need of a trim' look because I always go crazy when it's just been cut - every time it looks like it's been cut too short!

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No hot water bottles for me until icicles start hanging off the roof ;)

I used to be really focused on wanting to do Bikram yoga, but since my skin is reacting so badly to sweat recently and my eczema is going crazy (more steroids, this time in cream form. Lovely.) I think some kind of power/ashtanga flow in a regular setting, not heated, would be my preference. I would've fallen over in headstand, even against a wall. Just so you know ;)

And yay for peanut flour!


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Love the fact that I just finished a flax egg chocolate protein cake with peanut flour paste on top for lunch (well, plus an apple!) when I read this. It looked just like your protein cake :D And I'm trying it with ground chia seeds tomorrow - apparrently they work even better than flax as an egg replacement :)

I wonder if they do a version of those lattes with sugar free syrup? If they do then I may have to splurge on one.

Your hair tones so well with the pinkish-red shades in that dress. Looks amazing!