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Thanks so much for this post, I have been gaining weight for the past few months and it has been difficult but you don't need to eat loads of junk to do that. I have gained through eating a mostly heathy diet. I do occassionaly count calories, but on the whole I rarely count calories. My favourite calorie dense stuff is defintly nut butters and alcohol lol, thankyou again for your honesty.

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I love nut butter on toast with strawberries havent had that combo in ages!!! I just make sure I get laods of veggies with each meal.

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I really agree that healt can't be defined as a number. I've spent most of my adult life and teenage life being dominated by a number on the scale. When I am now realising it is just that a number. I can relate to what you said about it effecting your mental health, when I forced to gain to a higher weight I was the most miserable I had ever been, and I have also struggled with bingeing eposides.

I know you can get to the healthy place again when your feeling mentally happy as well as physically happy.

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your tatoo is lovely. so glad to hear that your able to relax around food, I am so loving your philosophy, a big inspiration. I love peanut butter on toast, makes a change from the usual jam I have to have on toast as their isnt many cafes around me that do peanut butter!!!

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I love squash, I didn't know waitriose still have some left. I may have to drag my boyfriend their. I love the skin on squashes I know some people skin it, but always think the skin is the best part. I tried jersuselum artichokes a few months back but they reacted funny with my stomach. all your eats look so nice.

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I do relate to what you said, as exercise I guess for me as always been part of " allowing me to eat" which I know is a bad mindset to have and is something I am trying to challenge. But I just feel that if I exercise I don't feel as guilty and I do actually love food. I guess its about trying to find that healthy balance. I feel to some degree that exercise will always be a part of my life, but it is something I do enjoy as well. in my history of an ed, I suffer my greatest relapses when I am not exercising as don't see the point in eating so to some degree running has been a positive influence on my life.I appreciate your honesty. I do relate alot to you jess, in many of your posts. I so hope that one day you see what an amazing person you are inside and out.

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great post... I genuinly believe that everything is okay in moderation. Its not healthy to live of fast foods and sugary snacks alll day, just like its not healthy to just live of fruit and vegetables. I try and challenge the thoughts that I have over eating ceratin foods. My reasons for being veggie in the past was for animal reasons, as I do love animals and didn't like the idea of killing them for food. However I found that when I started to struggle more with the eating disorder my morals would take over, and would turn to meat as it was a "safer option" sorry i have waffled a bit what I am saying is that life is too short to worry over what ingredients is in a certain cake or cookie, and being healthy is about striking a healthy balance.

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already follow you on google friends, and twitter

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I already like your facebook page

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oooh fab giveaway; if I won I would use the powder to make some protein muffins, and add it to my oats.