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Scent memory can be obnoxiously powerful. Those memories do NOT fade.
I once had to deal with 24hr urine collected at home in an ORANGE JUICE CONTAINER rather than the normal bag. Whatever doctor/nurse received this was like "yep, looks legit, send it to the lab!" ...Aaaand blamed the lab when they had to tell the patient the sample was ruined and they have to spend another day pissing in a jug. Fun times.

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I noticed one old woman in the background early on, but she disappears circa bathtime (she might be there in the wide shots?)

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I had read that already and wasn't planning to go for exactly that reason.

I then found out this was organized BY my local Planned Parenthood action group. They set it up this way, and they were fine with it. There were PP employees out with us and in the parking lot, talking to us, thanking us, and taking pictures. PPNYC doesn't speak for all of PP, especially those in smaller towns.

I recommend people talk to their local Planned Parenthood about THEIR preferences.

ETA: They were also closed. So.

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Called my senators. 5calls.org is a fucking lifesaver for those of us with bad anxiety. I'm sure I sound like a total dork stumbling through the scripts (and trying to add my own details) but I'm actually getting it done! There was a long spell where I wouldn't/couldn't call because my Republican senator's staffer was SUPER NASTY and sarcastic. Everyone's been nice so far though!

I went to a huge Planned Parenthood counter-protest today so I thought I'd share a few things. We were on the clinic's side of the street, and we out numbered the anti-choicers by... I don't even know. They had 30, tops, some from outside of our county; state, even. OUr side had at least 100. I was on the sidewalk right in front of PP and couldn't see the end on either side, 4-5 people deep the whole way down.

A 13 year old girl seriously schooled the anti-choicers on biology (a fucking MIDDLE SCHOOLER I love it). "I'm THIRTEEN and I understand this better than you!" Sadly, some shithead woman then used her signs to literally shove this CHILD across the busiest street in town. How very pro-life. Way to emphasize how little you care about "life" once the fetus becomes an autonomous human being. *eyeroll* Thankfully the kid was fine, and got major cheers the rest of the counter-protest.

As the anti-PP protesters packed up and started leaving, some of our group spread to the other side of the street. An older woman started trying to "debate" with us, and asked me--I swear to god, not making this up--"Have you ever even MET a woman who has carried a child to term?" Luckily I am a Community fan so I already had this one in my pocket: [Ugh, edit because my image won't work properly.] It's the line where Britta says "this may shock you, but I come from a long line of WIVES and MOTHERS!"

I mean, honestly, lady! Not to mention the fact that there were multiple babies w/pro choice moms IN THE IMMEDIATE VICINITY.
Anyway, that's the most successful comeback I have ever made in my entire life. Too bad I can't handle any confrontation at all. I'm still shaky even now that I'm back home.

Overall the rallies are helping morale a lot. Every time I go to one, I have a little more energy to make it through the next week of hell. :/

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Good to know! It's been on my to-watch list for a while, but I wasn't sure how they'd handle it. Capturing the spirit has been part of every iteration of Hitchhikers, which is far more important to me than plot details (although I could *really* do without the Arthur/Trillian in the movie).

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I had the same thought re: Garnet's room. I wrote more in a reply above, but I think it's a strategic move--if Garnet's unfused, those gems are inaccessible.

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In one episode (can't remember which) we see the gems rooms; I had assumed the red one with all the bubbled gems was was Garnet's. Steven starts in Pearl's (actually quite tasteful) fountain room before falling into Amethysts purple-themed caves, and then poked his head through a puddle and saw Garnet in the deep red room.

This is just my theory (I don't engage in fandom beyond MW anymore, BTW). If the room were to only exist as long as Garnet does, putting bubbled gems there is brilliant, tactically. Homeworld hates fusion, and one of Jasper's first moves was to unfuse Garnet. This would presumably render all of those bubbled gems inaccessible to Homeworld.

Of course, this raises the question of where the hell they go when Garnet unfuses, but "it's magic" is a good enough canonical reason for me. :)

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I don't know if this has been pointed out before, but I like that the Diamond symbol is basically the Material Safety Data Sheet symbol with the colors flipped.
Most people who don't work in labs or industry aren't super familiar, so here's a quick breakdown:

The different colored diamonds represent different risks & implied precautions of chemicals. The Red Diamond is Fire/explosive risk, Yellow is Reactivity (unstable compounds, highly reactive), Blue is health hazards (mostly physically harm), White is other Specific Hazards (corrosive, strong acids & bases, radioactivity).

Given what we've seen of Yellow's temperament, and Blue's willingness to physically harm gems that offend her--well, this could be intentional. I wonder if Pink & White fit this motif too. The White in MSDS is sort of a grab bag of BAD SHIT. Could she be behind the Diamond song?

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