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There are 2 things I dislike about this episode. VERY MINOR THINGS, but they bug me:

1) He tells the Daleks something like "I defeated you on the Crucible." Um, no, you didn't. Donna and TenToo did. And you didn't waste an opportunity to condemn TenToo for this (although ... maybe that "anger" was projected because he really angsting about leaving him with Rose?)

2) Best. Missed. Opportunity. Ever. When Amy asks Eleven what should she do while he's away, he ho-hums something and leaves. He SHOULD have said something like "Just stay away from barrage balloons." That would have been really funny, and a reference to a Moffat episode!!

Anyway ... grrr @ those lol. Otherwise I didn't mind the ep so much though.

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Same exact results as bringing back Rose for a glorified cameo, a significant weakening of her main story arc. Grrrrrrrrrr.

I think there are 2 ways you can take her "main story arc":

1) goal of her arc is to be tragic, and it's too often revisited and thus it is cheapened. (This I believe is your opinion, no?)
2) goal of her arc is to tell a story of love and devotion. This comes full circle in terms of Rose working through her grief to build the dimension cannon, "becoming the Doctor" in a sense in Turn Left, and being "rewarded" with a more emotionally-in-touch (part human) Doctor who is the one who brings up spending the rest of their lives together

#1 is clearly more dramatic, #2 is more of a story with a real conclusion. I think RTD was clearly going for #2, and as a Rose fan, I approve of this. I can see however if you don't like Rose, and don't have an interest in her love life (lol), that #2 wouldn't resonate very well.

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Especially since RTD's original idea was checking in with Rose and Handy, I hear.

Yup. He wrote in The Writer's Tale that he was considering a shot of them:
1) growing a TARDIS (harkening back to the missing coral scene which I guess must be RTD's head canon if he was going to stick this in there regardless)
2) with a baby
3) travelling the earth

and that it was getting complicated, so he decided to just do the 2005 shot.

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I'd profer not to post the URL publicly here just because I don't want the comm to get swamped and make the mods hate me forevermore XD But I'd be happy to message it to you! Are you on LJ/Twitter/whatnot by any chance?

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Yeah ..... I was thinking about that, these are the only reasons I can come up with:

* The full take (longer than this gif, the one where he kinda bends her backwards to get a better angle) seriously makes it look like they are about to tear each other's clothes off right then and there lol. Maybe they decided it was too intense for a family show?
* Davies' goal with Rose was to make it look like although she is being pushed into TenToo's arms by Ten, that in a way she is "choosing" him (which he stated as much in The Writer's Tale). Maybe given that the fact she kissed him at ALL was "a choice," they thought the intense take would be overkill?
* Fear of angering Ten fans who would think that a full-on TenToo/Rose makeout session right in front of him would be over-the-top. As it was, a lot of people - although happy with the TenToo/Rose pairing - are like "poor Ten!! Look at how sad he looks as he turns to leave" ... if it showed a more intense kiss maybe there was fear that it would look callous?

Anyway, that's what I've come up with. But yeah, I agree with you. Lol the only less-passionate kiss I can think of was the Nine/Jack one in POTW XD XD XD

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I couldn't help but laugh at how obviously RTD was bending over backwards to give the Ten/Rose fans what they wanted (but ended up pissing them off anyway because it's so creepy).

That's not true. Sure, some Ten/Rose fans didn't like it, but a lot of us aren't angry (rather, elated) and don't think it's creepy (rather, romantic). Don't believe me? There's a whole 80+ post meta on an LJ community dedicated to Doctor/Rose fans about this very topic that was posted just a couple of days ago. Only a couple of people on there were disappointed in the slightest.

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I agree, I think he might be *better* than the Doctor for having some Donna characteristics!

I think that's the point! From Rose's perspective, a strong argument can be made that TenToo is an upgrade from the original model. He's certainly more emotionally open for one, obviously willing to commit, he is the most tactful/empathetic character towards Rose in the BWB scene (even including Jackie!). Plus, his little eyebrow raise/smirk when Donna mentions getting the "best part of the Doctor" on the Crucible indicates to me that he is also a little more cognizant of his manly bits XD XD Hee XD

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(So for those of you complaining about Rose’s frustrated remarks last episode, I think this shows that Rose ISN’T petty and self-centered AND Martha is happy for the Doctor. She’s not jealous of Rose anymore. Therefore everyone should stop whining and admit that both Martha and Rose are fully awesome.)

I couldn't post this bc of spoilers, but historically, Rose has said "jealous" things because she's in love with Ten. I think in the writing for TSE, they wanted to get across that she still is in love with him, and her jealousy is part and parcel of that. Nothing wrong with that, it's a perfectly human emotion. That's just how she acts about "her territory." So what if it's petty? People do crazy things when they're in love.

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I think Rose "unpopularity" is way overhyped by her very-vocal haters. I think they want her to seem way more disliked than she truly is. She just won "Favorite Companion" in the Radio Times poll a few months back, after all! And when s4 aired, there were not originally supposed to be THREE instances of Rose appearing before Turn Left - she was only supposed to be in The Runaway Bride before Turn Left. But fan!squee and the publicity were so overwhelming that Davies decided to add in the additional 2 appearances on the TARDIS and TV screens. You don't do that for an unpopular character -- you do that for your MOST popular character!

So ... I don't like to let the minority of haters "win" by tacitly agreeing with them that she is unpopular. We Rose-lovers aren't a minority - it's the haters who are.

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What gets in the way of my enjoyment of this two-parter is the fact that it took the most brilliant man in the universe the better part of 2 hours to figure out that books are made out of paper ... something that even my preschooler can authoritatively tell you!! (She learned it from the Wiggles - seriously, there's a Wiggles skit on this! Think they'd make good companions and teach the Doctor a thing or two more? >.^)

Moffat's concepts are interesting, but I find it difficult to enjoy some of his episodes because the execution is sometimes sloppy and nonsensical. Like here, and like the "surprise" ending of Girl in the Fireplace where Ten's shocked to learn the fireplace is temporally unstable after giving a lecture to Rose and Mickey on that very fact not 40 minutes prior.