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You made it Gutzerr! I'm so proud of you! And great job as usual Crystal!

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It took me waaaaayyyyy too long to find this! Great job hon!!!

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Radiarc - The Garden - Radiarc? Why you so boss? All of your stuff is so consistent. Everything you make is top-notch quality 100% of the time. This one uses a wide variety of instruments and I DID notice the violin tone was the same on in Fiddlesticks :p I wasn't expecting to hear a Fluttershy song in minor, but it worked very well! I adored the percussive sounds at the very end. *My favorite of the day

Swing! Tavi Swing! - Okay, the jazz, AWESOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!! The vocals, EVEN MORE AWESOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!! Fantastic job!

The First Snowfall - Wow :D Such an incredibly sweet melody. First you let the xylophone go in solo, then you doubled it with some amazing strings, added pizzicato strings, and then horns :D The way you handed the melody over to all of the instruments was expertly done, and you kept adding onto it, making it more and more intense. My only criticism is the song was one theme all of the way through. There wasn't any major transition to any other melodies, but despite this usual cardinal sin, you made it work, and that's something to be proud of! Well done!

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A great idea! I can think of no better way to start good, healthy habits than with ponies and fellow bronies!

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Radiarc - Fiddlesticks - Wow! O_O This left me breathless! The minor feel throughout the song made Fiddlesticks feel like she was dancing in the wind...if that makes song had a degree of intensity that only string instruments can produce. Fantastic job! *My favorite of the day

Memories and Stories - Wow! Such a great use of sequences, particularly in the C section (2:00). The B section was so light and slightly nostalgic. It reminded me of Zelda, but had a unique flair to it that can't be duplicated. At the 10:00 mark, the flute really brought the themes of Memories and Stories to life. I could feel rainbow Dash reflecting on her past experiences and adventures with her friends. I love how you added all of the instruments back into the mix at the end. It filled out the ending, wrapping the piece up beautifully. This song has so many gold nuggets in it, that I could sit here for hours trying to explain every one of them. A true masterpiece!

Legend of the North - I like your style! This song is a fine addition to Fallout Equestria. Well done!

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I love what you did, but YouTube beat you guys this time :D

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I was worried about that :D

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Lol! my eyes were playing tricks on me! I thought you said "war hero" not "her hero".

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That would be so messed up if McCarthy meant, "Yes, I do know, and there won't be one!"