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I'm familiar with the slogan, and he doesn't have a point there. The special talents of Equestria's citizens have been put to use as the individuals see fit, not as some collective mandated them to. And "to each according to his need" has always troubled me. It implies some omnipotent bureau with a choke hold on a nation's resources that distributes them with a power far too easily manipulated.

Equestria actually seems to be quite free market. I remember something about Filthy Rich price gouging to get his grocery business on top. It's also a wonder the Flim Flam bros haven't been arrested yet. These are strong indicators that Equestria places high emphasis on individual responsibility.

Okay, better stop before I start peddling my own ideology in MLP.

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I'm surprised your comment isn't being raged against. I'll just sit here next to you while the commie kiddies rage.

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"Twilight and her friends represent the true ideal of communism. The one that no government in our human world has ever adhered to."

Oh, but maybe we should shoot for this "true ideal" just one more time and we'll get it right. You promise millions of people won't starve or be purged in the process, right? I knew someone would say "not true commnisms"

The mane 6 were entirely about the merits of individualism in this episode. If you feel your ideology was misrepresented, just say so and leave it at that, but don't try to claim the Mane 6 represented it because it's obviously not true.

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My best guess is that they're saving Discord for a backstory flashback during an episode in the show proper.

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>No animated Luna petting

0/10 pointless post

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So is he actually Pipsqueak? Seems like it's just a stage name to me.

Also, Pip is in 2 episodes as of Twilight Time.

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Dumb question: How do you submit a piece for a drawfriend? I tried the general submission email for my piece but didn't get a reply, and I don't see it here (Yes, I know there will be a bigger drawfriend, I'm just paranoid).

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It actually reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, where the "Pieces of Eight" the pirate lords submitted when the brethren court convened were "more like 'pieces of whatever they happened to have lying around in their pockets at the time.'" I assume there will be a spell, and the "keys" will shape themselves appropriately.

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*waits 2 years for them to release a Luna*

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third comic. Also you missed out on a great game.