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Making any kind of music for me is fun regardless, even if it's pony or not pony, and I am not entitled to one thing or the other.

however, even if I am allowed now to make pony music again, it comes in a cost, I can't make money out of MLP works since it still belongs to Hasbro, so I can only put it out for free and disabled monetization on the video on YouTube. Original music I can monetize and sell however.

Which means, if you want more free releases from me like pony remixes and songs, then support my original work so I can keep making music :)

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The contract is bound by YouTube, which is why the policy on YouTube changed the facts on the contract as a result. hope that explains it

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Then comeeeee!

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Wow, I can't believe this went past my nose, how did I miss this? this is really really good! despite how it's all made using simple animation software, you can definitely sense that a lot of effort went into creating this! thank you Morleux!

Also, wow, how the time went by so fast, it's been a year since I created that song, and here it is again, and lol, it is a dark emo pony song when you look at it again, but I gotta admit that I had a lot of fun creating it with Mic and PinkieSkye :) good times

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Very happy it gotten it's own post, it's more then deserving this feat! congrets H8_Seed <3

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My Little Grumpy: Friendship is Maddening?

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Seth, credit Renard plox!

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Alright, made my entry, submitted it, good night, bye