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People would find other things. Philosophies, economic systems (cold war), laws, land, morals/ethics... the list goes on and on. I think religion is just the easiest lever for a corrupt person to exert influence with.

That's part of why I don't like the idea of denominations or national religions (like catholicism in medieval Europe). It's just a huge signpost saying "we have influence and power, come and get it!"

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For me, it isn't clopping specificly that I dont like, its porn. Ie, I dont distinguish between pony and non-pony. To me porn is a normal desire taken to an unhealthy level, but then again, I don't believe in sex before marriage, which many people do.

What is your take on It?

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I don't know about that 'a call to help' thing. I mean, I want to to be real, and its very possible it is, but it could just be someone fishing for free art :-/

I don't mean to be pessimistic, it just tripped some of my 'too good to be true' sensors. Bronies can be very generous, so people may try to take advantage if that

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Wow, thats just....
Is there a word that combines all those things? De-humanising someone just because you disagree with them is just about the most childish thing you can do

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Whats the chirpy image count at now?

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If you cant seem to find anything try asking/thinking about what you liked/were like, especially when you were younger

For example, I read viciously (mostly redwall) kind of wanted to be an artist, could fall asleep to rockous music at church, would come home and sing some of the hymns from church when I was younger, could sleep anywhere, love lord of the rings,D&D, improv acting, and pony.

Now that might seem all mixed up, but you can draw some conclusions.
1 I might be musical (drumming, singing etc)
2 I like 'prefect worlds' (ponyville, redwall) the shire) especially simple, medieval-esqe ones.
3 I like (telling) stories (drawing,D&D,improv, books, item #1)
If nothing else, this gives you somthing to work off of, a general direction to go. For example I might look into learning medieval esqe ballads, which apply to all three areas

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1) heck, yeah! It's 90% of what I listen to (not including the stuff I make myself).

2) hmm, genre? I would say folk is my favorite genre, but I really care about lyrics the most. If I don't really like a songs lyrics, it will probably be the first to go, even if I like it otherwise. As for my favorite artists, I would say that forest rain, mandopony, the Aviators and (recently) 4everfreebrony would be up there

Some of my favorite songs are:
Bright eyes by eccentrifuge
A summer in the stars by forest rain
Stand up tall by peak freak
The moon rises and I am Octavia by Elieen Montgomery
and home and away in the sky by mandopony

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Yeah, I think It is quite common among fans., especially when you have idealistic societies like ponyville.

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My mom is... confused? I don't know quite how to describe it, but I haven't talked about it much since I told her. She seems kind of concerned/protective about it whenever we talk.

I don't know about my dad, he is very good at masking feelings/opinions and I have only talked about to him once, he was more of a bystander anyway.

I think I kind of traumatsed my older brother for a while when I told him (he probably thought I was going to say I was gay for a second) but now its kind of an inside joke of sorts with us. He teased me about it, but he teased me about most thing I'm really into, and he doesn't mean anything by it. He's the only one I ever really talk to about it.

The rest of my siblings/cousins don't know.

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Hey, I'm not the only one!