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This is... unexpected. I was expecting a sell-out-for-more-toy-sales kind of finale, but this is really different. I am actually REALLY excited for this one, it has a lot of promise.

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I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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Because I can't find the reply to my previous comment, I'll just reply with this instead. I'm sorry, I was being immature, and I regret making those comparisons. Next time, I will THINK before posting. Looks like I dun goofed.

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I sacrifice myself for the greater good of mankind--
Applejack is worst pony, because she has too few faults, or her faults are too minor and barely have any significance, and pair all of that with a very deep-south-hillbilly personality, which is a kind of personality that I absolutely can't stand in any form, and you get a very boring character.
I will accept my fate with honor and dignity, and without fear.