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"The key is being relevant, trustworthy, and sharing a genuine interest in the same things your potential customers do."
Very well stated and should be heeded by all aspiring to be involved in commerce On-line and OFF-LINE

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Thanks Darren, very nice presentation and looking forward to using your site. been a few years since I utilized Safelists

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Using labels is wonderful trick of the Socialist mindset to derail reality.
If you think you will find many words which are now in the politically correct vernacular that distort reality.
The one I love most is "mispoke" which really means LIES

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Thank you for reminding us the difference of the Large Truck Lines and the small independent Entrepreneurs

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The Big Government has created an enslaved society, regardless of Ethnicity or Race.
And as long as the majority enjoys sucking on the TEAT of the Government Sow it is not going to Change

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For a while we had Leadership that had Spine.
But the entitlement generations have allowed this limp wristed Pretender to become President.
Khrushchev would have loved to be in charge if this in-experienced puppet was in power.

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I have been trying to encourage more people to understand WHAT they do when they apply Action to their Dreams.
Three of large 6 year Talk Show audience have become accomplished "published" Authors...Room for more.
Your readers will enjoy the audio attached to the following Blog Post
Love Affair of the Mindset

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I am surprised that the fact Far Wood Bar & Grill and Berry Patch Restaurant were not mentioned as other merchants who are providing tasty food...looking forward to enjoying great food sample from both of these Top Flight Eateries in Orland, California

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Good to see someone explain HOW THINGS CAN GET DONE to change some direction in the school systems
There is still sway in LOCAL Districts.
Most weak-kneed administrators do not LIKE to be put on the spot....
We the People can still be HEARD, if we get off our Duffs and go public
My recent post Is this Constitutional? Who knows or cares?

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I believe all of his Transcripts are sealed?
It obvious he has never proffered an original thought....
That is the outcome of today's Harvardesque education...simple regurgitation