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Agreed. Time does move fast!

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Thanks for the congrats.

and I am coming back around.

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1. Happiness - being surrounded by my friends is a good source of happiness for me.

2. Um....Can I say both? I don't mind a cold shower and getting sleep or not getting sleep has never been an issue for me. I don't mind getting up an hour early, and sometimes sleeping in it good too.

3. Weekend Plans - I think I'm helping a buddy do some yard work tonight, tomorrow I think I'm doing yard work all day at my house, then Sunday will be church all morning and rest/hang out with friends afternoonish, Sunday night I ma start a Truth Project study at church. (truthproject.org)

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I looooveeee the dropbox! I use it tons. Great app/resource. Perfect for me because I have a word desktop, iphone, laptop, home desktop. DropBox helps me always have my files with me. Looove it.

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A Nook is Barns & Noble's eReader, similar to Amazon's Kendle. It lets you download hundreds of ebooks into one device and enables you to carry your entire book collection with you everywhere. Pretty neat.


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Yep, looks like it's working on your blog.

Your welcome.

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... to see all my families. Coming from a divorced family and marrying into a divorced family makes this holiday season a little crazy. So we are driving all over the state, and possibly flying outta state to try and see all the family we can, but I know we won't get to everyone. Maybe that's why families have huge family reunions....

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I have installed ShareThis on our blog so at the bottom of each post you can click to add that post to FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace..and tons of other social networking sites.

It's free and can be found here: http://www.sharethis.com

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Good stuff. Thanks.

I think Twitter can and is an amazing tool for connection and information distribution. I especially like that you can have updats text'd to you. I have found you have to be careful of the demographic you are targeting. I know with our congregation, we still have ministry leaders who refuse to use email. Which just blows my mind because I live in my email inbox...but it just reminds me that you have to be individual as well as corporate when your trying to distribute information. Not that one person can personally call all 500 of it's church members, but I'm just saying it's important to note the demographic your targeting and find ways to cater to them.

I have slowly started trying to integrate Twitter and Facebook into our methods of connecting with Ministry leaders. And I have found, just like you said...one thing at a time, test the waters before you jump in, and be sensitive to your target.