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just testing here...i couldn't leave a comment here yesterday...

maybe it has to do with the length of the comment...

so let's see if this goes through when I hit submit

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lots of time on your hands :-) just kidding...i just wasn't smart or aware enough to think of that.

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did you mean grape juice and not wine....we are in TX? just kidding.

i don't even know how to respond to it....lots to think about the future implications of technology like this....

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Thanks for the shout out. How you and I met is just an example of how meeting online and can lead to offline friendship, etc. I look forward to getting together again soon.

Stbx in Coppell?


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Yeah, he is definitely skirting the issue. I think that's his job description :-), and he's good at it.

I love your idea about the "vote-up".....that would be cool.


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great point...we are so still in the early stages of using social media in regards to tools, procedures, best practices, etc.

squeaky wheels will emerge very quickly.....


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Awesome. I wish more would go to therapy also :-)

I think a lot of people, especially those who are continually wanting to grow and gain new insight, find a good rhythm for being in and out of therapy over a long period of time. Sometimes people just check in every few months to sometimes going every couple of years.

Thanks for sharing.


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Some good Facebook discussion going on in regards to this post, http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/note.php?note_i...

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Always a problem in group therapy....some people have asked me that in regards to going to AA. But I have found that AA has been super powerful and helpful to many of people who are struggling with alcoholism. So sometimes "flocking together" can be crucial to one's health...it's often up to the group facilitators to help set rules and moderate boundaries, etc, etc.

You posted great stuff...lots to think about and ponder on my part. Appreciate it.


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Wow, nice analogy there....haaaaa. No one like being in that situation with the doctor.

But, I'm not talking about exposing people's problems to others...I believe confidentiality is huge and important, and ethical. But I think there are some important dynamics in group therapy, as you mention, that can help people feel less of a stigma, and more open. Some stuff people will probably never share in a group setting, and that's fine....I don't share all either. But I think it can help us see that we aren't alone if we know others are struggling with stuff also.