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Love it. Great comment Dana - and love the new blog!

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Love the questions and thoughts on this post! I am also a firm believer in both the incarnation of Christ and the necessity of that incarnation in ministry. Being from that does both Church Online and has 14 sites across five states where the preaching in services is done via video - you might find my first couple comments surprising. But honestly I don't believe the 30 to 45 minutes a preacher has a week on a stage, 25 to 50 feet away from the audience, in a large auditorium - are the most effective times for this "incarnation." It is the pastoral life lived in care and service of the community, its leaders and the one on one experiences that are an evidence of incarnational ministry. If asked I would bet the farm that our communities would say they have been most ministered to and felt the presence of Christ through pastoral care done life on life - not from the stage.

And at each of our campuses there are pastors and ministry teams that are providing life on life care, serving and investing in leaders and doing wildly effective and relational ministry. The spiritual fruit and stories of life change are vivid examples of the work of God.

But I don't want my comment to come across in any way as a defense. Leveraging technology always brings change and challenges to the ethical and theological standards we hold dear. I don't think video teaching is best, ideal or "right" for every situation or place. And I believe having a passionate and healthy skepticism towards technology, especially when leveraged for part of our primary practices as the church is absolutely necessary.

Thanks for leading in this conversation Clayton and thanks to Greg for giving it a voice and place online to connect with others.

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Matt great post!

Love your focus on how people are listening (relational and new channels) versus how the church often prefers to communicate (traditional and lecture). I am excited to see the personal implications and applications that will come from these conversations at Cultivate. Getting a chance to collaborate on what we've all been learning concerning how people hear and how that has adjusted how we obediently communicate the gospel is like a powder keg of TNT when it comes to conversations.

Looking forward to connecting with you and others there!

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All of those are good questions to bring with you tomorrow to the Webinar! Check it out at

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Thanks for the post Scott!! We are so excited to launch YouVersion Live in October!

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Church Online Experiences starting rolling in our time zone at 8:30 CDT. I usually go through a typical morning (exercise, devotion, etc.) keeping an eye on email and Twitter in case I need to help with anything. Then head into our office around 9am to help with the heavier experiences with Live Prayer and just to connect with our team on how the Experiences are rolling and if any changes are necessary.

All the experiences are volunteer lead and run, so a lot of it is just making sure the experiences and the different links, hooks we have all tied for the week are good to go.

Hard part is being so attentive to a computer screen with multiple chats and video for several hours, pretty draining. But amazing to see all the things God is doing through it!

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Awesome!! Celebrating with you guys today. Rest and enjoy that little guy ;)

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Glad to see you jumped in! Love mind mapping and being able to have it in a cloud app through my browser, regardless of Operating System, and free, is awesome. I've also been checking out the iPhone app ($7) and I like it a lot (so far).

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This is amazing. Would love to see something like this as the next level of One Prayer, but by people all working to being the message of Jesus to people through tons of voices. Stuff like this gets my brain rollin.