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Thats funny, I don't care what anyone says.

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oh so true. Heard this before but its good to hear it again.

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Well I should have done some reasearch before I asked where are you moving to. WHOOOHOOOO I hope to personally meet you great peeps.

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i pray its a safe trip. I know this is hard but obviously God has opened doors for your to make this move. Where in TN are you moving? I must have missed the memo. lol

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It's a amazing how a little shuck and dive can still keep you in a pinch. Also from what I have been told you can reverse that spell. Look forward to the end of this story. ;)

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We are always in a hurry and just want to get it done. Unfortunately in the process we overlook things. Great post.

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Ain't that the truth

I don't have an iPhone so I sent this from my iPod.

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I would say that you practice what you preach. I have seen your presence be known and my experience from collecting shoes last year to this year has been quite different because you have implemented new and more effeicient ways. Congrats.

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Nickie says thanks, and I say thanks and that you are exactly right. It is a big pill to swallow but your are right.

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Wow, I am a person who needs a ton of Validation and just the need to feel imortant. It took my wife quite sometime to figure this out and pinpoint. When she did it really helped our relationship but also helped me to try to stop depening on other peoples validation and of course to look to God for that. Cause as always we disapoint each other.

Tnaks for the reminder