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We're that much closer to the golden 1,000,000,000 hits!
Go, team, Go! Rah rah rah!

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I love these stories, but those last four...they were "a handful".

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Well, if they're cute enough, all ponies are capable of inducing all sorts of heart abnormalities!

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Here's the plan.
We take the Smarty Pants, and we hold Equestria hostage for...

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For some raisin, I've always liked the ponytail Dashie over the normal-maned Dashie. Ponytails just seem to suit her more, I suppose.
Those are some rockin' cakes, especially the first one! Excellent typography by the icer, it looks amazing!
The night is old and so amn't I, so a good night to all, and to all a good night!

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Unfortunately, we've run some blood tests, and the results have come up positive.
Blogger, you are the real mother of orchestralbrony!

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Lots of awesome 3D art this time around! Really love the ponies in a bottle - Those must've taken forever to do! (serious)
#23 came early, Nightmare Night isn't for another month and a half! Whatever the case, I can't wait to see all the gourd-geous pumpkin sculpting this year (I regret nothing)

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With Pinkie Pie, everyday is the holiday day!
Fun parties, delicious food, great entertainment, wonderful pleasure!
For each day of your waking life!

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Sparkle, Sparkle! Oh, Rarity, you're just as beautiful as a Christmas ornament as I imagined you as a Christmas ornament!
Also, new site layout is brilliant, in love with it in every way imaginable.

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A new villain! Indeed.

His name will be Sentinel Ripnasty, the most vile of all the stone golem ponies. After his friendly, sing-song takeover of Equestria, our protagonists, Twilight Sparkle and Apple Bloom must save the Mane 5 from being petrified forever by Ripnasty's troop of mildly-irked cockatrices. Unfortunately, for our protagonists, it is too late; Everything is turned into stone already by the all-seeing eyes of the cockatrices, including the trees, clouds, oceans, and Sun.

It did not really end well for our antagonist. Twilight Sparkle, wielding the mystical sword Fuckupper, slays Ripnasty right before she turns into a chunk of ice. Ripnasty's head comes clean off, and much emphasis is placed on making the scene look as gruesome and vile as possible, so that the Season 5 opener can be rated R. Twilight, forgetting that there is no longer a Sun to keep her warm, instantly freezes, and becomes lifeless forever. Her cold, icy fur sways in the wind, reminiscent of the consciousness that once flowed through her. She has become a stoic statue for all to see. Or so she thinks...

Because what everyone else forgot was that Apple Bloom was actually a gigantic heat generator (but only when she wanted to), and unleashes a radiant beam from the very pores of her skin with such intensity that Twilight Sparkle got 5th degree sunburns and promptly turned into three days of sustenance. Apple Bloom then spends the rest of the 780 minutes of the season wandering across the stony Earth, looking at the various ponies in various positions, right before they were fated to an eternity of being rock-bound. With three days left, Apple Bloom could only cannibalize her best friend, and further prolong her lonely demise. In the season finale, all that is shown is an entire rotation of the Earth, now entirely lifeless, forever doomed to drift across space, hoping, through some convoluted happenstance occasion, that life could spark anew.

That's when Luna returns from her Moon vacation.