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Well it would be interesting, given they can change shape at will except for always having a base form they were always capable of this.

Just came by to say that I'm going to be soon forgotten by everyone.

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Rose Quartz is a diamond... oh how it all makes sense now... either that or she's an equivalent having defeated at least one other diamond.

No wait, that's not what this episode was about, it's about Peridot's data log and possibly finding her missing parts or summoning her gem weapon! It's most likely her log on turning against yellow diamond.

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Ouch poor Peridot...

Saw it coming though.

Now we need to clear up Jasper and Lapis, plus Yellow Diamonds assault on the planet.

This episode is the first sighting of a diamond and plot heavy.

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I gotta go, gotta go, before I do something stupid.

I got to go.

I gotta go, gotta go, before I do something lame.

I know, its your fault. That I'm in the mess I'm in.

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Bam, POW, straight to the moon Glados! I'll see you there with Wheatley.

Steven thinks the moon is an incredible place to visit in his imagination, however reality is not a giant ball of swiss cheese floating in the sky.

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Garnet discovered fusions between differing gems. Apparently fusions of the same gem only made it bigger.

7-11-2 Is mentioned by Peridot in 'Too Far' several times.

So episode 7-15-2 would mean that Peridot has a log for Steven to listen to.

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1. Zero, I'm a supposedly evil eye entity bent on annoying the world into submission.

2. My pet would be a pistol shrimp of course, it'll get past metal detectors and I can teach it shoot fireballs!

3. Swiss, because living in a can of Limburger would be a problem.

4. I would have to go with D as my brain encompasses the most of my eye monster body, having a rock there would imply I'm dead and a gem is using my corpse as a toy. Being a monster a Gem would likely do that for fun... namely Amethyst. However if I were the gem then I'd likely be Onyx and why would it be lodged in my brain anyway? Isn't the gem itself the brain? What if a crystal gem had the gem as the brain, they could pass for human as a stealth gem.

I like the Centipede monster. I wonder if she'll make a comeback given she almost managed to manifest as a normal Gem once before.

Anyway this week of bombs will show what all the characters are made of. Mostly magic and rocks of course, but on an emotional scale of how well they can handle their own actions in the things to come. Peridot will be kicking herself for what she does later, especially when she was so close to going native.

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How Garnet met Rose Quartz and Pearl, also why she's part of a small rebel alliance.

Also Peridot goes nuts and stuff, but that's the obvious answer.

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"When all you have is a hammer." - Friendship in this show.

Seriously though Starlight had to be an orphan for her friend moving away and there not being many other fillies and colts to try and befriend her in the general area as a small town pony where everyone knows your name.

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Flesh eating monsters are usually known for being flesh eating monsters.