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I'm sorry Celestia, but Hearts and Hooves day is one of the biggest money-makers for the resturant business, and so there's no way in Equestria my manager would give me this day off. A pony date? Ha! I pity the poor filly who has to go out with me after this double-shift-train-wreck of a day!

...that being said, Applejack on a tour of Manehattan...

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Now here's your spin-off series, Hasbro!

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When I saw spin-off I was assuming it meant 'The Cutie Mark Crusaders show'. Swing and a miss Hasbro.

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I'd love to see an EqD forum if I were ingnorant about what it takes to run one on such a scale. It's a good skeleton structure (pro), but it exsists in other brony forums already (con - why join if there is an established forum to meet your need?). Then there is the huge popularity of EqD (pro - 31000000 upwards hits), of which is a poor representation for gauging how many would use it (con - there's virtually no way to know how many people regularly visit but never bother to comment, is the forum gonna be the list of regular commenters already here?). I could keep going through this but each point cancels the other out depending on how you look at it.

To be honest, the factors that matter the most are: Do YOU (the staff) want to see a forum of your blog? Do you know enough people who are dedicated to run a forum for a fanbase this size over a long period of time (I've seen many forums outlive the shows they were dedicated to)? If either of these isn't a resounding yes, I wouldn't bother. It could work, it sounds great, but it would need more attention than this site ever did.

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Lol I read it and was like "...true, true. There's always hentai to fall back on."

Borderlands 2, loved it, addicted to it for time, afraid to revisit it so soon. Gotta let games like that go for a little while or I'll end up building up a back catalogue of 'bought but not played' again. I never played as a fem Shepard come to think of it...

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I am so hyped for Bioshock infinite! Getting me that Songbird model (I'm a sucker for collector's editions). Let's see, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Colonial Marines and MGS Rising are all pre-ordered (with level of excitement in that order), then I got Star Wars 1313, Deadpool, The Banner Saga, MGS Ground Zeroes, Dragon Age III, Pokémon X/Y, to name a few. Add to that the waves Sony is making for announcing the PS4 (Microsoft aren't gonna be far behind) talk of the Steambox, and this could also be the year these pony games explode onto the scene. 2013 is gonna be good...

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Nah, it's a passing phase: you'll never keep up a niche little pairing like Flutterdash...

Well, that being said this would be the second time in the series where the finale was alluded to in the show before it happened, with the Gala being the previous one. I guess that technically makes it an over-arching plot, but not in the way we've been waiting for. God, Season 4... I swear if I turn 24 (bday in Nov) before they give us season 4, I won't be held responsible for what I do...

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Onto chapter 2: shipping? You? Why I never!

I know I've been wanting more world building than I saw in this season. As I recall the wonderbolts academy and the Crystal empire being the only two new places, and I didn't think I'd be as excited that they'd revisit the Crystal Empire 'til I saw the train pull up in all that snow. Wasn't sure of the place back during the premiere, after a bit of distance I want to see more.

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I don't think the dress would be permanent, none of the other 3 wear them on a day to day basis. I just hope if they go through with this, they make it permanent. The last thing the canon needs is fact that Alicorns can revert back at will or by some spell.

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And off to read I go!

Also, yeah I've been looking through EqD before posting. I'm pretty happy with Twilight going up to the next level, I'm just concerned that her mane and fringe look a little different. Up with that I will not put! Rairty is the fashionable one and hasn't altered her look, then the bookworm touches up her mane? Makes NO sense!