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I'm with you on that thought, innocents should be protected not killed in any form of the word.

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I think that the issue really is not weather or not abortion is right or wrong but the why to it. Now, ( Stay with me here I'm not sick or anything just thinking logically) if your say 12 year old gets pragnet (Heaven forbit this really happen) She is shall we say not physically able to deliver it and have hedr life afterwards. ( Not saying any reasons why but stay with the thight procec going here.) Would it be right to abort the unborn? Granted if a 12 year old is prego then parents weren't doing job-bo! At any rate, would you force the little girl to have the baby if it was by no falt of the medical half here, if it were to be unavodable that it would indeed kill her? I'm not for abortion or anything but I am not for needless deaths either. Their are true medical needs for things like abortions, tubal pregnatcies, things were the mothers life is indeed in danger. Now if some whore walks in off the street having gotten prego by one of her custumers and she just don't want it then. Forget it lady adopt it out. Am I making since here?

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I've been so busy working around my house I haven't been able to hear if Sonia Sotomayor has gotten in or not. Wish all the bad press I'm not sure if I wanna watch TV or not.

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Amarica needs to have one hell of a detoix of her inner workings. I think she has built up too much toxidatie for her own good.

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Heck, you think the boy who spent three nights in the woods has it bad. My sister has a fridn with three kids and the county has made him pay three times on a fine he's already paied and put him in jail about four. I don't think that have any intention of stopping. But how do you stop curuption in Mountain Home Arkansas. It's not like gee the ones above them on the state leval are watching out for wrong-doing on the county's part. The most part of the law here is curupt! My best friend tried to chage two people who kidnapped a child from her care (The childs grandparents on her mothers side) shoved their way into her home to take the little girl and then when she went to the distric atturny she was told above the devorce cause between the girls parents and told she couldn't press charges. Then to make matters worse the mother of said child was having relations (An affair) with the sherif and now my friend has to deal with the Lakeview and Mountain Home copes etc. fallowing her to where she works and everywhere else! It's been years and the buggers sit do it! NOW THeir is some wrong doing that has as of yet to be fixed. What happen to the good days where the good guys were the good guys and bad copes were scares?

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Acorn is trying to put on a new face to hide the wrotten bodies in it's closet to change how the world see's it. I think that they think that if you go agenst Obama that it would change the minds of the people. In the world view it might the stupid ones. The one who actually think about things know better.

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OK so the issue is not his citizenship, but his lack of a natural born citizen status, which is a Contitutional qualification for the office of President. Then why is he still our presadent? Would his problem proving his natural born citizen status not disqualifie him as our President? Could we not force the issue and demand he step down do to the fact he can't prove that he is worthy to be our President, why was this issue not brought up during the campaning? If indeed you have to be a Natural Born Citizen and a natural born citizen is someone who is born in the US *AND* born to parents (plural) who are both US citizens. His haratage with his father not being a born US citizen cut him out of the statue he has right now? Is their a law on our side to help get this weirdo out of office? He is not a Natural born Citizen and thus should no longer be President! Isn't that the rules? If you can't fill the bill so to say then you can't go and play the part. AM I wrong is there not rule prohibiting wrongful elections of canadates that lie?!?!?!?

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I'm fully with you on that issue. I think that the Dems have us focusing on races more then it truly right to do so. If looking at a persons skin color was ever right, to me it shouldn't matter where you have blood from, it should matter that you fight for your country and your family and faith and that is what is under attack here in the USA because without the minorities the Dem's wouldn't have a chance

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If you think that the blindfold has a slit in it is funny your braindead.

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Have you ever read a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" ? Might want to read it the answers are all there.