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I thought you might attempt to make that claim. The purpose and extent of this clause was put in simple language by George Nichols in the Virginia Ratifying Convention of 1788:

"The committee will perceive that the Constitution had enumerated all the powers which the general government should have, but did not say how they were to be exercised. It therefore, in this clause, tells how they shall be exercised. Does this give any new power? I say not. Suppose it had been inserted, at the end of every power, that they should have power to make laws to carry that power into execution; would that have increased their powers? If, therefore, it could not have increased their powers, if placed at the end of each power, it cannot increase them at the end all. This clause only enables them to carry into execution the powers given to them, but gives them no additional power. "

Please try again.

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Could you please cite the provision where I granted you clowns the legislative authority to seize control over public health care? I searched my text and reviewed the debates in the Convention that created me and found no such grant of power. Eagerly awaiting your response. Signed...The Constitution.

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"Refusing vaccination labels you a 'criminal', so says WHO"

"The World Health Organization determined in 2005 it has the authority to dissolve sovereign governments and take control should there be a “pandemic”. This applies to any country signed onto WHO….which of course we are."

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"Peasants with pitchforks and torches"

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Army National Guard Advertises for “Internment Specialists” ....scroll down a bit for the ad

Looks like they have had enough with people like Beck. Notice also the use of the term “rehabilitative programs."

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How about a one line sentence right to the point...The federal government was not granted the constitutional authority to establish a so-called nation health care plan so if you vote for this usurpation of power and violate your oath of office I will work to make sure your sorry as* is defeated in the next election.

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The following quotes are from Franklin Pierce’s book entitled: “Federal Usurpations.” Originally published in 1908, Pierce addressed the usurpations of power being perpetrated by the federal government during his day. In the final chapter, “How to Restore the Democratic Republic,” Pierce hits the nail right on the head. His words are profound and timeless:

“No set of laws, however good, will bring good government unless honestly and intelligently administered, nor unless those responsible for such administration are held strictly accountable at all times for public abuses. The sore spot is right here; do the people really wish good government? Is there sufficient public virtue among our citizens to demand and appreciate good government? If the legislature passes a bad law you can repeal it, if the constitution is defective you can amend it, but if ‘the people themselves are lacking in public spirit there is no remedy.’”

“There is no such thing as an individual securing his rights unless he is willing to insist upon them at all times; and there is no such thing as a people securing their rights unless they are ready to fight for them at all times.”

“Until [the] spirit of indignation is stirred to action all over the land and the people are ready to fight for the vindication of their rights, there is little hope of effective reforms. We need the spirit of old Peter Muhlenburg, who, in the Revolutionary days, to the astonishment of his congregation, flung aside his surplice, disclosing a Continental uniform, and explained: ‘There is a time for all thingsā€•a time to preach and a time to pray; but there is also a time to fight, and that time has come!’”

Unless the American people demand constitutional government and are willing to stand toe to toe with the federal government and fight for it , they will, as Pierce stated, eventually lose their freedoms.

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Why do the American people and so-called conservative talk hosts keep debating the merits of usurpations of power? There is no constitutional authority for a so-called national health care plan... period end of story... but everyone wants to keep debating all the details. We need it call it for what it is...unconstitutional. Debating the merits of usurpations of power only reinforces the usurpation because it creates the impression that they must have the constitutional authority to enact it because everyone is discussing the details. I have not heard a single commentator make this point and state it over and over day after day. If our so-called allies in the media will not expose usurpations of power then who will?

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Today on his radio show Beck asked: "what system of government are we moving toward?"

It is this one hands down---

kakistocracy \ kak-uh-STAH-kruh-see\ (noun)
:government by the worst people

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In the words of Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Essay No. 79:

"[A] power over a man’s subsistence amounts to a power over his will."

This health care plan, along with the other crap they are unconstitutionally shoving down our throats is all about controlling our will to resist. They realize the American people will not bite the hand that feeds them or treats them. I do not want to hear another Democrat mention the word "slavery" again because they are supporting people who are using the power of government and the threat of force to become the new slave masters.