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I've never met anyone of Latin descent with the name of Walid Makled Garcia. What's the background of this guy? Is he a Muslim convert or has some Arabic family line?

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Great article! Outside Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and a few others the right has completely ignored this. I know many think but few will dare say it but Barack Hussein Obama. This guy is Muslim Brotherhood to the bone.

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Mexico has legalized everything & the violence is horrific. So you're argument is moot.

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Agree. It's amazing Big Hollywood hasn't featured "The Middle" yet. I really enjoy that show.

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I'll bet this is the story thus the sucker punch. Jackson & The Rock are harsh, bully Alpha male right wing military types. Wahlberg & Ferrell are the soft spoken, kind, lovable nondescript wimpy leftist BUT they are the real men. Notice how Ferrell was married to a fine ass woman (Eva Mendes?)

Jackson & Rock will probably either be gay in the end or something and Will & Mark will be the true studs who don't overcompensate w/muscle cars & explosions. Just a guess.

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The more I learn about the Democrat history and the Progressives movement the more I realize they project who they are on their opponents. Why? Because what they complain about does exist because of THEM. So they point and say "those on the right they cause all of this!"

That being said if they continually say Palin has someone "pulling her strings" then we have to ask who is really leading this Country in the Oval Office. They are telling us this Obama is being handled. Thus the hiding of his records. Obama isn't that bright like people think. How did he go to all these "fine" universities? Who paid for it?

The Progressives run on hysteria, lies & dark emotions. They tell you who they are by projection. They tell you their goals by projection.

If that is true then they are going to topple the Constitution, install a fascist or sharia oriented, yeah, I said it, government that will control every aspect of our lives. And when they get a chance get rid of the "problem" people one way or another. But this will not succeed. The Soviets fell in about 70 years.

The Progressives have been at this for 100 years. They're time is up. They're falling. They know it but many Americans including many on the right think otherwise. Alinsky said something along the lines "Power is what THEY THINK you have!"

This government rules not with strength but with panic & fear. Panic & fear is a symptom of severe weakness. They will fall. We've been living in a hybrid Progressive system all our lives. It's unsustainable. All that will be left is the Foundation they covered up. The Constitution & it's self reliant "bitter clingers", another projection, to their guns & their God, what they fear most.

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The Middle is a great show. I wish Big Hollywood would feature it. Also, Patricia Heaton is a great lady & pretty freakin' hot. The husband is a man not a dumb ass like Raymond.

The kids are classic. But the show from Huffie is going to bomb.

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Look I understand this whole Ghandi thing but he's not one of our Founders. Because of Ghandi many thousands were killed later. The left doesn't fear Ghandi. They fear our Founders and those who follow them. The left is led by people who have no problem with letting abortion survivors die.

Do you really think they're gonna honor Ghandi like tactics? Yes, bring your cameras, etc. but if you can get a license to conceal & carry or open carry do it. Before anybody freaks out I'm not calling for violence but the left will up the ante and they will start killing within a year or two. We need to be ready.

So, please less Ghandi and more Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry as a template because we are in the 1770s again.

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"You’ve got to give Enforcement Czar and SEIU boss Andy Stern credit: he’s got a major set of cojones."

Why do you give this scumbag credit? This prick has the entire federal government and a ruling political party on his side. How does that make him ballsy?

"Cojones" would be if BoA calls their note and forces this animal to pay up.

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Best post yet.