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But seriously, while I do agree the duet is not the prime example of it's genre, it's far from the worst music in the show by a longshot - Spike's cloudsdale anthem (and Pinkie's gotta share/gotta care) was INTENDED to be bad. It would be a magnificent feat for anything composed by the staff to end up that bad, however it DOES show their lack of experience with EDM, they missed all the good points to put in Octavia's music by longshots, and I can imagine why this could disturb you, particularly if you are among that subset who has a superb hatred of EDM like the average parent in the 70s interacting with Heavy Metal or in the 50s with rock 'n' roll. I add on a third category for those who enjoy it: those who are willing to roll with whatever punches the staff can throw at us; there have been worse episodes in the past *cough* Simple Ways *cough*

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*clicks replies on*
*cue Face #367-2, A.K.A Miniaturized Apple Horse "I Immediately and Severely Regret This Decision"*

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Paragraph 6: Yes, yes, a million times YES! "Children's" and "Intelligent" don't have to be mutually exclusive terms, which is part of why I love this show. If only more producers understood that...

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This episode, imo, was great. I would give it a solid 10/10 if I weren't so bloody disappointed it WASN'T Starlight Glimmer trying to manipulate Apple Bloom. Expecting that she was trying to manipulate AB kept me on the edge of my seat the whole episode, wondering if THIS was finally the alternate reality where Starlight would pounce... But nay, 'twas not to be. Still an absolutely superb episode, I'd put it up there with Pinkie Pride in terms of subtle yet somehow still overwhelmingly anvilicious atmosphere and lesson. Also at first I was convinced Luna's VA had changed, and lo, I wondered whether or not the "Your Rarity is showing" meme spawned out of "You'll Play Your Part" had anything to do with it...

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I agree with the apparent minority who kinda thought the episode wasn't too great. In particular, Ivan The Adorable's analysis hits most of the nails on the head in terms of my problems with this episode.
But one wasn't addressed: it felt like the writers were trying too hard to address the fandom. It's great getting acknowledgement and all, but this show was still created for little girls, to break the mold of some of the past iterations of the show. This episode felt like it was MADE for the FANDOM, and not the target audience. Bulk Biceps' cameo as Kool-Aid was entertaining, but the scene just felt... off somehow. Also AJ seriously wasn't representing "Honesty" there, further enforcing that her element is some sort of joke (I mean, she did about 80% of the lying they were trying to do to themselves to say the mess looked good.) All in all, coming in with no expectations aside from the general quality of the show, I was somewhat disappointed by the writing. Animation was great, as was the fandom-pandering (misplaced as it seemed,) but it wasn't enough to make this episode even feel up to par with the rest of the show (looking at you, Simple Ways) to me.

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I completely agree. With everything, really.

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And Twilight turns into an angry Gerudo in that one scene from feeling pinkie keen.

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Hey! Hey TWILIGHT! Look up! HEY!
You should go see Celestia!

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#36: Listening to Flightless fury while viewing the drawfriend, it looks like Twi is singing the chorus... perfectly in time...