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And yet, here we are

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Doing great, glad to here you having a good one!

My brother had a child, so we been Seeing her, though they having troubles deciding on a name, with her name being changed for a third time already. At least they'll be a lot more private with things then my oldest brother hah. Was always funny to see him and his wife with their child of five years, in public, with her whipping them out for her to feed when asked by her as they did what she demands! xD

After recently moving house, we in a small house now in suburbia. We had been enjoying time on a rural area but were forced to move back to a cheaper place after we lost the last house (It was a house+job deal for my younger brother, he lost the job, or rather, quit, and so we all had to move, he moved out and I moved with my mother to this current house)

Currently looking for work, hoping to further my accounting progress. Did Apply for a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and got accepted, so now my name can have ASA after it, to say I am a part of the club while I study to have CPA after my name :) Here's hoping that helps me get some full time work.

New place though has much more strict road laws, 50 kmh in some area's feels so slow! especially with how long the roads can be. in the last house it took 22mins to get to shops sure, but it was fun seeing how much lower I could get that in un-policed roads, LOL. some area's 60k's but one long road was 80, which I often went much faster on cause it was filled with hills, but like its so easy to set the cruise control and sit back and watch the spedometer go up and down and up and down with the hills. Sure sometimes it hit 120 but the thrill :p I do miss that feeling living here, there's actually a police station not to far from our house, can hear the sirens sometimes at night. At least that means the area's hopefully safer! I doubt people will get up to much mishief with one so close. Even if insurance says this is a more risky area and charges us more! sif insurance!

Man cars are expensive to own.

But yeah, thinking of getting back into my studies, maybe going for something higher. Lot of important choices to make in the coming future!

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Sweet, just got to find you then, guessing its the same avatar? Time for a looksee! its bascially all of us here on there, though yeah, it is almost as active as this place is! lol

CONGRADULATIONS ON GRADUATION!! and I totally get that stale feeling, I graduated for an accounting degree in 2017 and no place took me in, had to find work elsewhere but so far was only able to get casual work. Some moving around and now I'm back looking for full time. Yeah, hopefully soon we can have more of a normal life again, just need them to pump out more vaccines for everyone, get the world back on track, eradicate this virus! Is good to hear you still been able to hang out with friends!

In other news, my brother had a child, so i'm now a double uncle with 2 of my brothers having a child, ones nearly 5 years old, though that side of the family is rather... interesting I should say, considering she's still being breastfed in open public, mainly cause, well, the mom asks her if she can go out, and if their child says no, they stay home, lol.

hah, been awhile since I typed this much

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Heya Steam Flash! It is great to see ya! :)

Yeah I know, everyone I know from the old pony groups really has been getting on with life, as we get busier. But friendships do last a lifetime so we'll always be around. Really, if we had a new topic to talk about that gave us as much to talk about as ponies did we'd get a lot of us not shutting up all over again :D

Just need them to make another world breaking cartoon or anime that we can all get behind! hah!

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Well, my guess is was the reason why EQD went to DIsquis way back when, I mean there has not been an ID update since then, so with no maintenance one day it might stop working entirely, still, at least for now it "works" and does prove that it would have lasted all the way through the show :)

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Really having those issues, you not have a skype? We have a deal with it chat group there, not that we use it much these days without much to talk about :)

Glad you've figured it out though! Yeah I did login elsewhere and come here, Mine usually just stays logged in. And most likely would more if I actually posted here more hah!

Been good, just been busy with life, moving house, gaming, getting and losing jobs :D. Yourself?

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Hello Lunar, having a good day/week/month :D